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Keith KEI1917
64 years
180 cm
100 kg
Tacoma / United States of America
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I am happy guy who needs to find someone who is trust worthy loyal and loving
Rogério ROG1025
61 years
170 cm
60 kg
Feira / Portugal
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Life made me wise!
To be able to appreciate and taste,
Each instant of the life,
My objective Was Made.

To share,
This philosophy of life
With a woman,
It became a necessity.

To contribute actively,
In the construction
Of my children,
It became a duty!
What do I want to assume with joy.

To do know ledges,
Linke friendships
In two words;To exchange, to share
It is a way
To reach the plenitude.

The choice,
It is up to you, to me, to us!!!
Xue-Qin CUT2348
51 years
170 cm
68 kg
Leicester / United Kingdom
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For now, I'm stuck in a rather boring relationship for too many years - moving on, I like to chat, generally enjoy a variety of conversation topics and explore new/unusual ideas in business & relationship ... I'm polite, easy-going, flexible, open-minded - anything goes, I'd like to think.

I'm interested in finding a chatty adventurous female, for regular conversations & possible business ideas between Europe & China/Hong Kong on a long-term basis (the real fun comes when you start to know each other). Creativity and the desire to try anything unusual is most welcome ... hoping this will lead to unusual success in personal relations as well as business.
Hannes HAN3434
53 years
183 cm
75 kg
Salzburg / Austria
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Hello dear unknown lady!
Not against, not side by side but together. It is my most important point. Think about a well educated merchant with a technical touch.
I am not the guy who only looks for the outfit. This can change over the years. But I am interested into the inner value of the person who I want to love. To put it in a nutshell: At the end of a -learning closer process- chemistry will decide.
I am very interested in a person to build common life. Having a high congruence about the human values we both believe. I can not spread my whole personality in one letter or in a few lines. But I think you should know there are some points which I very much prefer. Loyality, openess in mind, interest in new things: life, culture, living circumstances. I love anything outdoors, I love the mountains, skiing, camping, swimming, boating and byking. I enjoy reading, listening musics, dancing, and cultural events.
Though I do enjoy going out, I'm not one who needs to go out every evening or weekend. Sometimes staying in is as much fun as going out. I enjoy quiet dinners and may be curling up on the couch and watching a movie.
I am interested in music, literature, arts, science education and commerce.
“One sees clearly only with the heart; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” „On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux“, said the fox in the story –le petit prince- of Antoine de St. Exypery.
I would love a friendly, adventurous, easy-going, open-minded and humorous person, a cheerful, charming woman and not to forget a sweet, patient and nice girl (=hopefully?? smile). Are you my chemistry counterpart? Where can I find you? Are you romantic, intelligent and faithful? Do you like dancing, skiing, walking in the rain.

Thanks, for reading my profile.

Greetings Hannes.
Christopher CHR5725
32 years
184 cm
95 kg
Buayai / Thailand
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I have had a very hard but good life. with 9 years of military service 2 years in combat has left me with strong core values, but also damage to one of my legs that prevents me from doing anything more then walking. As i like to say the fight has been fought out of me and i no longer wish to hurt any one. i am very kind going out of my way to make others happy. i can no longer run jump or play sports so if these things are important to you sorry but i cant do them anymore. I love new experiences and travailing. i am currently in school to get a teaching degree while teaching at a private school in Thailand so i have very little free time right now to do anything more then work or schooling. this will likely continue for a couple of years so you will ether have to wait a few years before i can travel again or you will need to travel here. i like cute things, the more cute you are the more attracted i will be. i strongly dislike the "Bad Girl" so if your into that sort of stuff please dont bother contacting me
John JOH4951
51 years
181 cm
82 kg
Perth / Australia
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I am kind, sharing, very loyal, outgoing, look for the positive things in life, family orientated, not selfish. I put my partner first before myself and do everything I can to treat her with respect and honesty. I believe my partner to be the most important person in my life and someone who I must take care of. I look only for love, honesty, and respect. I will share cooking, cleaning, housework, and take care of you if you are sick or unwell. I don't ask for anything from you except honesty and loyalty and someone I can trust and who can be happy with love I give them.
Andreas AND9560
53 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Anthony R. ANT5147
61 years
176 cm
66 kg
South Bend / United States of America
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Like to laugh and have fun. Very considerate, very affectionate, honest, trustworthy, intelligent, openminded and down to earth. Not looking to play games. Looking for real love. I look for honesty and trust and a down to earth woman. Very affectionate, caring, understanding and warm.
Keith KEI4842
66 years
184 cm
105 kg
East Chicag / United States of America
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I am a musician who likes to experience new cultures, food, movies, languages and histories. My partner should be open minded, attractive, and willing to experience different cultures.
David DAV1631
66 years
181 cm
93 kg
Sonoma / United States of America
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I'm an easy going guy with traditional family attitudes. Live and let live. I enjoy a good movie good food and friends, weekend adventures. swimming, fishing. I can get lost in a good book. I like to find a woman who is intelligent, attractive someone who is an inspiration to me as I would hope to be to her. some one to bring the best out of me. Perhaps I can expand on this later.
Roby ROB9404
34 years
174 cm
74 kg
Centre De F / Mauritius
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I dont give too much details about myself on the internet.
Harald HAR2628
53 years
191 cm
102 kg
Mannheim / Germany
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I search a long term, stable relationship with a honest woman who is kind, loving, caring with a good sense of humor. A woman that want to be treated with love and kindness. A woman that would love me for who I am and in return, I would give my heart and my soul and everything that goes with that.
Sean SEA7521
40 years
181 cm
114 kg
Forest Hill / United States of America
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Just your average guy looking for his beatfriend and partner in life.
Roberto ROB0236
35 years
195 cm
110 kg
Padova / Italy
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Hi all i am from Venice in Italy, i work as public employer for the regional governement, i have the hobby of videogames and to live, yes live because i am also deaf, i wear acoustic protesys and also i got heart surgery but as you could know from me i am a good person reliable and sincere and i would like to build a relarion with some one seriously and with all my love, do you want it?
Rogério Sam ROG0349
48 years
179 cm
94 kg
Ouro Fino / Brazil
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Alguém especial com educação respeito alegria inteligente ..a amizade diz tudo se teremos futuro ou não.
Brian BRI7556
55 years
188 cm
81 kg
Maidenhead / United Kingdom
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down to earth, down right funny, love challenges, thought leader and innovative investor, loves basketball to a fault and an Avid IT expert.. looking to meet you as nothing is certain in life, i have no list of characteristics, just want to know the real you i don't need a perfect woman.. If you are comfortable in your own skin, kindly give drop me a message sometime.
Justin JUS8893
45 years
181 cm
89 kg
Warrnambool / Australia
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I like most sports including golf, tennis an football. I enjoy just relaxing at home and watching a good movie. I like to think that I am honest and kind hearted and that is also what I'm looking in a partner.
Md MD0147
22 years
165 cm
60 kg
San Francis / China
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I am student I want a partner, a girlfriend who take care me and love me lot.I want a looking good and honest girl if she is a divorced woman so no problem.
Alex ALE7262
37 years
176 cm
79 kg
Tanta / Egypt
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Normal guy looking for real love
Zak ZAK7118
48 years
170 cm
74 kg
Az Zarqa' / Jordan
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Honest caring good looking hard working coworker ....