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Winston WIN5833
63 years
178 cm
105 kg
Pittsburg / United States of America
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mY nAme is winston lets cHat On line Ok. same handle as here just add the three at the end. the sevens
Jamesgorresyahoo JAM2014
47 years
172 cm
67 kg
Manila / Philippines
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Lots of things can be fixed. Things can be fixed. But many times, relationships between people cannot be fixed, because they should not be fixed. You're aboard a ship setting sail, and the other person has joined the inland circus, or is boarding a different ship, and you just can't be with each other anymore. Because you shouldn't be.” So it means if I've found you, I will never let you go and I will love you with all my heart and that is my commitment.
Arthur ART6890
59 years
186 cm
95 kg
Shenyang / China
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*FYI I am usually on the Filipino kisses sites*

I work and live in Shenyang. This is the northeast of China. I enjoy traveling in my free time, watching American TV, Walking in the park. I also love to cook, yes I do cook a little Chinese, Italian, some German, and American Grill. I enjoy playing computer games. I am seriously looking for a long term relation. I am planning on moving to the Philippines within the year. Between now and then I will be visiting Manila on a regular basis. Next trip to the Philippines will be Nov 1 to the 10th. Because I am in China FB and google doesn't work.

Turn-offs Profiles with no pictures, or no information, If you are not sincere enough to post these things I am not interested

Profiles with pictures of people 5 years or more. My view if you are ashame of the way you look that you have to use an earilier picture to deceive men to look at you, I don't care for people that think that deception is ok.

If you don't read my profile, you don't care who I am I don't care who you are.

If you are not Asian, not interested.

Thank you for reading my profile.
Patrick PAT6076
58 years
182 cm
85 kg
Luxembourg / Luxembourg
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Honest, kind , respectful and harworking mature man.
Looking for caring, loving and respectful female
David DAV7425
64 years
184 cm
82 kg
Calgary / Canada
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I am now retired and spend my time doing whatever I want. My greatest asset is time and my powerful curiosity. Honest, humorous, hard working, caring. I like All types of music .Looking for outgoing but shy personable fashionable person who is intelligent and can speak through their eyes as well as through their mouth. Elegant can be a look as well as a pair of jeans.
Gamp GAM3483
44 years
176 cm
73 kg
Beijing / China
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Ich bin nett,ehrlich und lustig. und habe gern ein liebes girl, die Deutch oder Chinesiche sprechen kann, kennen zu lernen.
Gar GAI1949
67 years
189 cm
96 kg
Tacoma Near / United States of America
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I look for just one woman for me for all times and my so we can begin now for each other. Write soon and be good here with you email address also so I can write you. If is like mine then would be mine. One honest woman with me for all time.
Leopoldo LEO2706
50 years
165 cm
85 kg
Trevino Len / Austria
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I am looking for a gold-hearted, young lady, who is serious about a future together as life long partners. Please do not bother contacting me if you are only after Money, I wont send you any, so move on, please. I wish to take good care of my beloved lady and her child. She should be a cheerful, sweet girl, Serious, Honest, Loyal, Caring, who likes to Laugh and to spend my precious spare time together with me! Only Serious Proposals, please!!!
Gerald GER2588
52 years
184 cm
94 kg
Cologne / Germany
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Suche ehrliche , treue Asiatin .
Potato POT1113
50 years
186 cm
80 kg
Nrw / Germany
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i am german guy, looking for the right one...
i love thailand and thai culture when i come to thai first time, i really want to marry thai girl... i am looking for good girl !

phom ruk thai mak

where are you????

please ask me for more
khob khun tee ruk gan...
Stefan STE7144
37 years
185 cm
90 kg
Ingolstadt/ / Germany
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my Name is Stefan. I´am 33 years old Men from Germany. I search for a serius Relationship. I am a gentle and honest men.
Curt CUR9845
69 years
180 cm
84 kg
Key Largo / United States of America
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I would like to thank you for visiting my profile. I am a nice man and I live a healthy life style. I am not rich with money but, I am very loving, I am a retired construction worker and enjoy to have simple fun with walking, biking, swimming, boating, fishing, short road trips, and I have many other interest and hobbies. I look to be friends at first with a women that is slim, healthy, attractive and share some of the interests above. If your sign is a Rooster or Snake that will give us something to talk about xxxx
Sven SVE7400
41 years
195 cm
95 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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Andreas AND9560
53 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Jean Claude JEA8768
50 years
179 cm
115 kg
Grenoble / France
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a vous de decouvrir
Vernon VER2145
69 years
175 cm
81 kg
Ft Myers / United States of America
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I am a widow seeking to find my wife. I am healthy, romantic, funny, love to laugh and help others in need
I live in Florida now and it is beautiful. Warm and friendly
I just bought a house in the country, too big for one person. 1800 sq. ft., 4 xxxx bath rooms.

I want to find an Asian wife because I know they are more family oriented and hard workers. I do like slim/fit ladies. Breast size is no concern.
My main concern after being on these dating sites is that you have your passport and Tourist VISA for the USA.
I am not interested in a cyber relationship. I hope you will understand my reasons. I want to hold your hand and kiss your lips. Walk every where with you.
maybe u will call and we can talk better

Ask me any question and I promise to answer you honestly and truthfully. and as fast as I can.

I want ONE sincere lady. Healthy and financially secured in her own life.

If you have xxxxxxx account we can talk there too
Bjorn BJO8618
62 years
180 cm
100 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Hi,Serious man looking for a life time love wher we both can have respect, fun, friendship, and LOVE
David DAV6952
59 years
175 cm
98 kg
South Brook / United States of America
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I'm a simple back woods country boy, love the water and swimming. not into anything fancy looking for same must live in the USA or able to move here
Toni TON9519
70 years
168 cm
86 kg
Chon Buri / Thailand
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Ehrliche Asiatin,Gegenseitige Sympathie
Robert ROB8397
54 years
186 cm
117 kg
Belding / United States of America
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Just a simple guy looking for significant other. I would like her to be the type of person who knows and is comfortable with who she is. Has a sense of humor and loves life