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Liza LIZ5808
38 years
168 cm
52 kg
Kharkiv / Ukraine
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Hi. I'm Yelizaveta (Liza). I am 38, officially divorced, proud mother of almost 5 years old daughter. No drama, no regrets about the past, only good hopes for future:)I am ready to accept one more life's attempt to make me happy:)I am psychologyst, and you will not believe me, but I do not treat each person I meet as my client and never try to break into everybody's mind. I swear, I have more than enough of it at my work:)Ready to answer any questions, so feel free to write to me, but please, take into consideration that my daughter lives with me, and if that could be a problem for you at some stage of communication/relationships, then better not to start:)Cordial thanks for attention!