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Esther EST2731
44 years
160 cm
60 kg
Cartagena / Colombia
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persona sincera alegre,optimista y emprendedora,etc....
Rosemarie ROS7217
52 years
150 cm
50 kg
La Union / Philippines
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I am in search of a true gentleman who is more than willing to commit for a serious and healthy relationship with love, trust, respect and open communication together.A true honest man who will love my imperfections unconditionally.

About ME::
*51 yo
*Single (never been married)
*Mother of 1 (my son is a young adult and he's in college). I live with my family, my mom and my son. We have our own resources. You are not obliged to support or will not ask financial support for my family (this is a heads up for you guys).
*I am a multi-skilled employee for US companies based in my country as Fraud Specialist and Production Trainer catering to travel, hospitality and finance.
*I am also engaged with retail/food services. A small business where I enjoy and comfy doing cooking and baking stuffs.
*Honestly, I never had any relationship after my last 18 years passed though there were chances but it was my own choice not to.
*So you see, I am a focused and devoted person. Strict and conservative in some ways but I remain simple and pleasant; easy to please and appreciates small things.
*I'm a loving and very thoughtful lady.
*I can be funny and crazy but I am sensitive not to offend others.
*I am not extravagant and materialistic. I know how to live within my means.
*Non judgemental but I definitely know how to weigh things around me. *I'm organized and consistent. Keen to details.
*Good listener. Opinions of others matter to me.
*I enjoy bonding moments. Actually, I treasure them. *Romantic and sweet but not clingy.
*God fearing and family oriented.
*Decent and well mannered. *I am honest, private and direct.

My likes and interests:
*I love to cook and bake.
*I love to travel whenever I can sneak time for it.
*I go to museums, galleries and painting/arts exhibits.
*I love watching current events and news to keep me aware and updated.
*I like going to salons and spa to reward and pamper myself once in a while.
*I go to buffet restaurants to learn and taste unfamiliar cuisines.
*I shop whenever it's needed.
*I love chocolates, cheesecakes and pasta. I eat almost everything except under cooked and too much spicy.
*Any soup is comforting for me.
*I'm a coffee lover.
*I am in PST Pacific Standard Time. (It's your call whether you leave or slide your message).
*I prefer ages between 48 to 60.
*I appreciate small talks. Walk by the beach, surprise weekend dates, holding hands, gentle kisses and caresses.

My dislikes:
*Senseless arguments.
*Narrow minded
*True identity not proven/ Impostor
*Pervert. This is very disrespectful to treat a decent lady.

Note: You will be blocked in a flash if you are such stupid.

My prayer and message:
*A husband. A true gentleman who has the good traits, not perfect but someone who is sincere, loving, supportive, proud and thoughtful as I am for him. I am open to relocate to your country to start our life as couple then we can visit my country whenever possible; or you can stay with me in my country then visit yours. I would be happy to share my life with you. I am more than willing to love, respect and take care of you, embrace your whole with your kids if you have any. I will accept you and your proposal in good faith. I wholeheartedly pray you do the same for me.

Please take note that I can't respond to you as I am not a paying member. RMZS can be search through sky..that's where you can find me. I appreciate if you can send me your most recent picture/s but I prefer an actual video message for proper authentication. Please, I expect you to be serious with your intentions.
Don't bother to invite or chat me without your video message. Live video chat can be arranged onwards as we progress being comfortable and acquainted with one another.
Jasmine KXY2375
40 years
158 cm
50 kg
Shanghai / China
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I am a 37 year old Chinese woman.i have never married due to work
So now I am lookingfor a good .kind ,loving.caring man to marry .and spend the rest of my life with
I am very loving,and caring person .
And I hope to,have children.
Dorcas DOR1115
43 years
150 cm
52 kg
Jakarta / Indonesia
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I am Cerios for the future in my life
Rebecca REB2768
62 years
150 cm
-- kg
Iligan / Philippines
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I am a teacher, widow with 1 grown son.I am looking for an understanding.caring and faithful man.
Mary MAR1334
72 years
156 cm
54 kg
Turin / Italy
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Few words about me.Am a Filipina living in Italy..Grown up more than half of my life in Italy than in the Philippines.

My ideal future partner is, He should be Loyal, and Romantic..
Am Retired from work already so no longer working..
Please no fakes profile No fakes pictures! Be real, No LIAR.
Cici CIC3028
41 years
170 cm
54 kg
Germany / Germany
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Hopefully i can meet people here kind and nice with multi-culture perspective instead of narrow mind
Annabel ANN9173
33 years
153 cm
49 kg
Daqing / China
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Crystal CRY1606
38 years
162 cm
48 kg
Shanghai / China
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My life is like an unique book, hope you’re that right one who is able to read.
Apong APO4642
46 years
155 cm
47 kg
Bandung We / Indonesia
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Hello guys i'm Apong heryana from indonesia i'm simple person,open minded,honest,loyal and little bit shy. I need a man honest,loyal,responsible and serious relationship.My hobby : cooking,travelling,some time sport and read a book. Please don't add me if you don't want serious but if you want serious please add me,i need relationship serious not play games and with the respect to me,thanks a lot☺☺
Alicia MZN9768
49 years
169 cm
57 kg
Chongqing / China
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all my friends think I seem to have almost everything in the world except a good relationship, because in their eyes I'm pretty, slender, well-educated, romantic, healthy, intelligent ..lol..it's jokse..cos there haven't perfect people in world..
Shan Ji SHA2120
55 years
155 cm
49 kg
延吉市 / China
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Kindhearted and humor. Honesty and wisdom .
Monta MON8555
38 years
170 cm
68 kg
Bangkok / Thailand
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I’m single lady from Thailand. I need someone can give me a new good experience Somebody can be friend or more than that.
Batmunkh BAT5271
59 years
165 cm
70 kg
Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
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I am just simple person and like to travel and love nature , i like to help peoples who need help and i have good hearth . And i looking for good man in my life if i meet my correct person i would like to spend my wall life with him hope contact good man .
Thipy THI1146
54 years
159 cm
48 kg
Bangrak / Thailand
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Honest Respect personal polite still and calm like cooking
Attractive Love children
Rizalyn RIZ6808
33 years
155 cm
42 kg
Tacloban / Philippines
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Simple,caring and loving, love to cook, love travel and adventure.

I am honest, sweet and caring woman. I am looking seriously for serious relationship that lead to a marriage. I am here this site who ever to contact me i just only here to talk someone in almost 2 months for getting to know who i am, because i believe that to know someone is better in person rather than you take time, months and year only in chatting to knowing in someone. As i am said i am here this site for a serious relationship and to marraige. Thank you!
Xin XIN9615
50 years
156 cm
47 kg
Nanning / China
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I am a chinese women.I am slim . I have the unique charm of eastern feminine, with elegant temperament and culture. I am easy going, kind, tolerant, sincere, tender, caring, reasonable, and virtuous. My hobbies are music, watching TV, reading books, chinese cooking,travelling and so on.
I am looking for a man who has good heart and wants to seek a long love,and look forward to have a family life very much.It would be great if I can meet someone who maches me.He will be honest,sincere,well educated,healthy.He has good personality and nessary sense of humor.He understands me and accepts me as I am with all my faults and shortcomings.I'm sure we'll discover we have a lot in common
Liuyuchun LIU4285
54 years
150 cm
48 kg
济南 / China
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i come from china,live in jinan city of shandong province .honest,kind,strong,optimistic.like the cooking, running and climbing mountains, also like to study the economic and cultural knowledge.I was born,With congenital spinal bifida xxxxx , Did three times in the shandong medical university affiliated hospital surgery 。months,Spinal bifida repair surgery , right leg nerve damage, causing right foot varus,Six years of age, the right foot to do corrective surgery, fifteen years old, the right foot to do plastic surgery,recovered well,now walk normally,Running, climbing, riding a bicycle is good. independent, Self-esteem, self-respect, Is my life principle,Refuse to one night stand, Do not play emotional games.

my occupation belongs to the chemical industry (professional production of PVC drainage pipes, fittings, waterproof sheets, plastic steel doors and windows), Working in the enterprise for 25 years, retiring formally.

My figure is small and exquisite, character belongs to the type of good wife and good mother。

l look for sincere feelings, do not pursue money, have a good education, honesty, kindness, love, a sense of family responsibility life partner, husband and wife love, grow old together.If you are honest, we have video communication。

Xue XUE1711
55 years
155 cm
47 kg
Nanning / China
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I grow the south xiaocheng which surrounds in a year to year green, is reasonable, good s intention, good-hearted, the appeal is refined. The hobby classical literature, the light music, the guqin, likes healthy food. After deeply loves the rain the nature person.
Lourdes MAR2921
37 years
163 cm
52 kg
Calbayog / Philippines
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looking for a kindhearted man that i will spend the rest of my life..