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敬树 GEM9262
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Chengdu / China
Beta BET4975
60 岁
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上海 / China
Wen han CTF4811
31 年份
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Fouchan / China
Wujiavv WUJ5098
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San Jose / China
Calipedico CAL7560
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Malaga / Spain
"I'm now a whole orange, I look for a juicer to make juice"
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We-chat: josejoya

Hello, my name is Jose, divorced, I have children, and i want to find a girl to share a movie, a beer, a wine with conversation or a dinner ...... and of course, a couple, a stable relationship, I'm not looking pickups!

Li-ne: calipedia

I know that the distance is the main handicap to meet someone here, but hey, things have been difficult or managed. I will not be barriers put the home to meet someone, life takes care of them by herself ... .. lol

I talk about all topic, I read a lot, I'm polite, friendly, and with a sense of humor .... I think that there are always ideas that we socialize.

And one of them is about the attitude: Most people think they are the events that define their future.

It is the answer, not the events that determine both our future and our present satisfaction for the future we expect.

And it is the attitude, which chooses the answer. What differentiates us is the attitude to them. I have a mine clear: whatever you do, and whatever you decide ......! no life without passion!

If you're a kind woman, educated, self-serving, independent, conversation, spirited and with a sense of humor, please do not hesitate to write, or to answer my greeting.



A hug and a smile, if you got here !!!
微信Tobyjung TOB9301
31 年份
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Konstanz / Germany
Looking for a meaningful relationship.我是德国人,会中文。
Emilio EMI3571
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Benicasim / Spain
Ram RAM2677
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Goslar / Germany
我......就像這個網站上的很多人一樣,想想了解愛情......在觀察我們的經驗,我們的錯誤和成功時,我們知道我們仍然需要學習,理解,糾正,改變, 接受,改善。...
在愛與生活中的任何其他事物中,存在著滑倒,跌倒,恐懼,痛苦....... 有些時候有必要通過一個巨大的痛苦才能知道一個巨大的幸福!....

時間在沒有控制的情況下自行移動,每一刻都讓我們有可能知道我們的另一半,也許只有一小部分時間,那個人會在那裡,對你而言....... 別放手吧!

當你擁有它,愛它,享受它,並給你最好的... ...當這個人決定去...時。 你必須放手...... ..,在嘆息的中間,對自己說......是時候重新開始!!
Han HAN4241
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山川异域,风月同天 / China
John JOH8085
51 年份
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北京 / China
Ting TIN2406
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V一三一一五九三九二三 / China
Ting TIN5752
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V一三一一五九三九二三 / China
Mackzhou MAC5474
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香港 / Hong Kong
我没有购买会员 没有办法回复任何信息 要是喜欢跟我继续交流的就用W
Luis LUI4378
63 岁
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Barcelona / Spain
我尋找我了不起的朋友那個這我的邊, 我耳目告訴我的想法, 我的夢想、我的秘密他, 我了不起的戀人那個誰它愛被熔化與我轉動對我們一個唯一人, 和我尋找我的對那個誰它愛分享, 隨時好和生活, 那個的壞事它想要享有生活對我的邊
Rutger RUT5095
74 岁
175 厘米
82 公斤
Malmo / Sweden
I am a fully active man in the latter half of this earthly life. I have experienced good times and bad, but am quite confident and happy with my situation, but just now I miss the warmth and love from you.
My education is on university level and I have a degree in accounting and business administration.
I am running my own company as Accounting Consultant, and at the same time I have started to develop a business consultant agency with China.
During late 80`s and early 90磗 I run my own business in Hong Kong, so I am fairly familiar with the culture and habits of that part of China. Unfortunately my ability to speak chinese is very limited and as I believe that a successful relation requires fairly good verbal communication, I would be happy if you know at least some small english to be improved
I live in my own house in a town at the very south of Sweden, not far from the danish capital Copenhagen. In my leisure time I often go travelling in summertime, work my garden or take care of the domestic work that requires to be done. But I miss someone to share all this with. As I live in Europe, it is very convenient to go to other countries either by own car or by flight.
I have 2 children, one boy and one girl. They are both grown and live in their own families. I am a grandfather of 4 children.
I know that the right woman for me is out there somewhere. Now you have found me. Give me a hint! When we start communicate, I will have a lot to tell you.
There is one thing, though, that I hold holy and essential. In a relationship between two lovers there must be no secrets. I always give full honesty and I expect the same from you, my dear.
Philip PHI6389
54 岁
172 厘米
66 公斤
Q一七四八四四另七一一 / Australia
hello everyone,I'm philip from Australia,Melbourne - trying to know more about the new friends. I am a financial staff at the company. My passion is to learn more about you in the first stage. My beliefs we will look after each other as a best result, which is bringing a happy and fullfill our lifetime.Also I believe we will share and enjoy our life in the future stage.Please don't be hesitated and contact with me ASAP.我是philip,基本上我是一個活潑的大男孩,很喜歡開車兜風及遊山玩水,就算再累再忙再沒有時間也會騰出休閒來犒賞自己或舒解壓力,附上自傳表如下: 年齡-46,外型-172cm以上 風範-書卷斯文(偶爾啦!)兼性格帥氣 , 專長-,唱歌,古蹟 名勝導遊, 興趣-聊天,,開車,旅遊, 度假,唱歌,看電影,閱讀,吃美食逛夜市 個性-隨和,熱誠,,擅搞笑 期待-自認或公推是健康活力,高尚 大方,注重生活,且追求高品質的妳 xxxx
George GEO9401
72 岁
177 厘米
63 公斤
Syracuse / United States of America
xxxx 36年,在我的妻子过世了之前, 2008年和我结婚了为。 xxxx 他们实际上被负担了1973年和1976年,但最低的年在网站是1979年。 我在我的房子里单独居住。 xxxx 我可以保证您我将爱并且照料您,我对待了我爱恋的妻子所有这些岁月。 我是一个宗教信徒。 我也是一个勤勉人,总快活,幽默,浪漫,非常爱恋和我对穷也关心和贫穷。 我是亲切的。
Tah LAI7646
49 岁
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105 公斤
Taipei / Taiwan
Ming Huei MIN3175
72 岁
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65 公斤
Taipei / Taiwan
Rodney ROD2093
43 岁
182 厘米
100 公斤
Penrith / Australia
Hi my name is Rodney here is a few points as to what I am and what I look for in a woman. xxxx I am a very humble xxxx 我总是让女人感到安全时,她与我同在
2. I work really hard to provide a good life for a family xxxx 我喜欢去我没有去过的地方之前,享受我的生活
7. My heart is looking to be whole to have that one. The one to share everything in xxxx 我期待有人愿意做我的王后
5. My passion is cars trucks anything in the the auto xxxx 我要找的女人必须能够仅仅是她的自我。我喜欢一个女人要谦虚,以及
6. Not looking for a model. Just looking for someone with a heart that I can share. xxxx 年龄只是一个数字来解释衰老的过程,所以我对年龄没有限制。所有我们需要的是彼此相爱,我们所有的心那么我们将有一个幸福的生活
I hope there is someone here on this site that we have the same goal in life qq as time moves very fast. Only hope I can find the one here.
Kind regards