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Vincent VIN8544
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Kuala Lumpu / Malaysia
Mayongbin MAY1286
51 年份
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苏州 / China
Rong RON6323
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Guangzao / China
Denny DEN9290
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Bandaberg / Australia
微信號bodyoil CHR0272
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Sam Tung Uk / Hong Kong
Calipedico CAL7560
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Malaga / Spain
"I'm now a whole orange, I look for a juicer to make juice"
(I can't answer your messages, because I'm not premium)

We-chat: josejoya

Hello, my name is Jose, divorced, I have children, and i want to find a girl to share a movie, a beer, a wine with conversation or a dinner ...... and of course, a couple, a stable relationship, I'm not looking pickups!

Li-ne: calipedia

I know that the distance is the main handicap to meet someone here, but hey, things have been difficult or managed. I will not be barriers put the home to meet someone, life takes care of them by herself ... .. lol

I talk about all topic, I read a lot, I'm polite, friendly, and with a sense of humor .... I think that there are always ideas that we socialize.

And one of them is about the attitude: Most people think they are the events that define their future.

It is the answer, not the events that determine both our future and our present satisfaction for the future we expect.

And it is the attitude, which chooses the answer. What differentiates us is the attitude to them. I have a mine clear: whatever you do, and whatever you decide ......! no life without passion!

If you're a kind woman, educated, self-serving, independent, conversation, spirited and with a sense of humor, please do not hesitate to write, or to answer my greeting.



A hug and a smile, if you got here !!!
Wing WIN2446
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London / United Kingdom
Inim a nice and easy going also romantic person . hope to find a girl almost as good 我的 me请妳们留个微信号我会加妳的但是不要放数目字,他们看见会取消的,邮件号也行谢谢
Rinny AAR9732
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上海 / China


八五九四五三九三六 QQ 明白?

Looking to make friends here. Send me your contact info, so I can reply to you. Im not eye candy but people say I have a friendly face.
Im funny, love to make people laugh, but Im serious and realistically ambitious. Im here to make friends hopefully improve my chinese. However Im not boring and thats what you will find unusual about me....

Tobias TOB6423
56 岁
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Berlin / Germany
5如果一个 40 岁以上的女人会选择我,,不喝酒。
不幸的是,我财务不稳定。、忠诚、幽默、有爱心、擅长我的手艺。 我不喝酒也不抽。我真的很想嫁给一个中国女人。我真的很想嫁给一个中国女人. 你应该忠实,非常有爱心,不抽烟,不喝酒,想要很多亲密。喜欢做运动。你应该忠实,非常有爱心,不抽烟,不喝酒,想要很多亲密。喜欢做运动. 我是一个可靠、忠诚、细心、非常忠诚和非常有爱心的人。 我需要很多关注,我想每天都宠坏我的妻子。我不吝啬。 我乐于助人和关心。 尽管如此,我从不寄钱
Nikolay NIK1149
60 岁
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Zheleznodor / Russian Federation
我是来自俄罗斯的尼古拉 寻找一位来自中国和东南亚的年轻女士,他们会同意搬到俄罗斯,在那里我们将拥有一个幸福的家庭。 我会爱,尊重和欣赏她!
我爱孩子 不是针对一个女人的孩子。 我煮得很好。
Jochen JOC4654
63 岁
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Fürth / Germany
Hello to my visitors here...
many years i was not realy active here,
there are different steps to using it..
do you realy know, how it function here for men and woman ?
first: please, dont spend money for me, never.. !!
second: if i am not answering fast, i dont do it, from lost my respect, never..
i was active four weeks in this time only.. now i am ouside again... sorry...
third: when i have a active contact, i can not easy talking intensive to other in same time...
step by step..
sorry, please understanding, that can not be fair... but friends and hello contact is human.

Trust can not come in few minutes, it needs much time... thank you...

I wish all togehter, the best and much patience... and much luck and health in that time !!

打开右门 ?
Rodney ROD2093
44 岁
182 厘米
100 公斤
Penrith / Australia
Hi my name is Rodney here is a few points as to what I am and what I look for in a woman. xxxx I am a very humble xxxx 我总是让女人感到安全时,她与我同在
2. I work really hard to provide a good life for a family xxxx 我喜欢去我没有去过的地方之前,享受我的生活
7. My heart is looking to be whole to have that one. The one to share everything in xxxx 我期待有人愿意做我的王后
5. My passion is cars trucks anything in the the auto xxxx 我要找的女人必须能够仅仅是她的自我。我喜欢一个女人要谦虚,以及
6. Not looking for a model. Just looking for someone with a heart that I can share. xxxx 年龄只是一个数字来解释衰老的过程,所以我对年龄没有限制。所有我们需要的是彼此相爱,我们所有的心那么我们将有一个幸福的生活
I hope there is someone here on this site that we have the same goal in life qq as time moves very fast. Only hope I can find the one here.
Kind regards
Kaizhan KAI3359
41 年份
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Kaohsiung / Taiwan
Ram RAM2677
62 岁
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Goslar / Germany
我......就像這個網站上的很多人一樣,想想了解愛情......在觀察我們的經驗,我們的錯誤和成功時,我們知道我們仍然需要學習,理解,糾正,改變, 接受,改善。...
在愛與生活中的任何其他事物中,存在著滑倒,跌倒,恐懼,痛苦....... 有些時候有必要通過一個巨大的痛苦才能知道一個巨大的幸福!....

時間在沒有控制的情況下自行移動,每一刻都讓我們有可能知道我們的另一半,也許只有一小部分時間,那個人會在那裡,對你而言....... 別放手吧!

當你擁有它,愛它,享受它,並給你最好的... ...當這個人決定去...時。 你必須放手...... ..,在嘆息的中間,對自己說......是時候重新開始!!
72 岁
173 厘米
59 公斤
香港特别行政区 / Hong Kong
Stephen STE7842
51 年份
166 厘米
70 公斤
Qld / Australia
我无法找到我的公主My name I live in beachside city called hervey bay queensland Australia ,ya hoo "is my name there. i like all beach activities, sunsets, walks ,swimming ,camping ,going places i have not been before. keeping fit, im a guy who is calm caring loving i love to show my love to 1 person, a romantic longing for that person like no other to enter my heart to share everything real in this 1 life together,im not in to clubs, only my best friend my love, who is my night and day, to look in to her eyes every day like the first time we met, and for her to see not only my love but us. and understand every thought together ,as love care and tenderness is the best goal i have ,im looking for my princess to hold in my arms for ever,I want to feel a lifetime of love in every kiss and know that every kiss was given to me as special token of our love to admire her and respect her in every way with the gift of her smile and to see her shine im complete, im artistic in every thing i do ,my greatest gift is my loyalty ,devotion to one person and i seek some one the same ! forgive me if I never reply to your cupid note :{ it is hard to no who is real person on this date site "each and every woman is beautiful in her own way , I only need my special one .uncondtitinal love is wealth " lets truely communicate ! requirments ,family support foreign marriage, traditional natural unspoilt wholesome woman" with beautiful heart. face book qq " web cam,serious woman only I wish to marry if possible and start our lives to see our beautiful mixed kids grow, all I need is you to hold my hand and join me and put my mind at ease "embody the main goal together to find real feelings with me to see the seasons come and go with spring bloom with every breath so divine joy full efection as tight as we live, and smile at our moon that represents our hearts, Because" I only care about You. with, song "One day in your Life . missing love
Bill BIL8949
44 岁
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70 公斤
Singapore / Singapore
Hi,looking for sincere partnership.feel free to contact me
微信: securityforever
Han HAN4241
51 年份
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楚 / China
Roberto ROB4812
69 岁
172 厘米
84 公斤
Chiclayo P / Peru
busco pareja que sume ,no que reste.soy directo al decir las cosas,no mantengo a nadie y tampoco que me mantengan,todo lo relacionado a la pareja 50/50,
latinlove.org es un buen comienzo para conocernos


Cionn An LON6877
55 岁
178 厘米
82 公斤
Rolla / United States of America
xxxx 4 种语言,即使在爱尔兰盖尔语中,他们也保持着他们的精神和优雅,! 这并不容易:P id 喜欢通过质子邮件将它们发送到 lonnie 2 xxxx eadeavor 维修建筑物、计算机、机械或电气中使用,如果从中获利,我不想要它,你将不得不解释我的荣誉准则,直到我的中文说得足够好,可以为自己做这件事。我不像以前那么强壮,而且有伤疤,很多很多伤口,。有些人对我的腿有一点损害,并且我的神经被切断、损坏或神经病的结果麻木了?即便如此,我仍然相信我可以成为一种资产,通过解决问题的方式或仅仅出席任何类型的谈判来丰富任何人的家庭。即使我不会语言,即使人们不说话,但内心有坏处,或歪曲他们的真实意图?我能感觉到它,它甚至有它自己的气味,你会认为谎言和欺骗有自己的气味:P 我最近才从我的誓言中解脱出来,为所有人服务的生活是特别的目的,宣誓贫穷,没有性关系,受过高等教育和训练,为任何社区服务,提供知识,创造自力更生,在土木工程,农业的各个方面,我认为是卫生工作者或医生,护士,任何有深刻同情心和很多独立性的人都会做,如果中国发生严重灾难,我会想要帮助的人,因为我就是那个人,这就是我的一生,从一个糟糕的情况,到下一个,虽然我被释放或退休,但根据我宣誓的命令,在成为那个人 37 年后,大多数人永远不会活过这个特殊目的的 xxxxx 岁,就像我的出生一样,以及某些特征我和其他人一起展出,我生来就没有,我无法愤怒,不知道这是什么感觉,生来就没有恐惧我的自我保护,但只害怕别人,还有更多类型的同理心可以解释和无法解释,在 3 岁时。我被投入(对冲学校)古老的教学形式,即现在也包括耶稣会以他们看待知识的方式,只有没有任何议程或政治或社会,篡改和完整事实的知识,也没有任何宗教信仰倾斜,真的是知识,是吗?其他任何东西都是宣传谎言,等等,耶稣会士是一个奇怪的秩序,因为他们根本没有向我们教授任何神学,并且被认为是世界上最好的真实历史和其他领域的老师,我会去帮忙在中国境内的任何地方,我可以驾驶任何东西,我可以驾驶 7 种类型的飞机,以及无数其他东西,帮助将伊拉克和阿富汗各地的电力线备份,希望你喜欢笑,无论多么奇怪,多么危险,或者认真对待我生命中的任何部分,我从来没有失去制作一些疯狂喜剧的能力,简而言之,有时仅仅是外表,说明一切,但即使被威胁到 7 或 30,我傻笑,给他们一些讽刺他们的妈妈或他们的妻子,上周你一直在逃跑!在你妈妈家! xxxx sandwhiches :P 我真的不喜欢大多数美国人,我现在处于非常孤独的时刻,在我的森林撤退中,反思,希望,我的旧人会给我更多的目标,我似乎失去了与指导我一切的联系我的生活,或者也许我最终完成了我对祖先死者的责任?k,他们保持沉默,我什至乞求如果我完成了我没有赢得与家人在一起的权利?你不能结束这个吗? npo 回答,所以第一次,我有自己选择的选择,没有任何第二眼的方向或拉扯我的袖子,所以我