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Paul PAU8390
37 years
183 cm
82 kg
Itzehoe / Germany
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HI everybody , my name is Paul iam 37 years old and i searching here for the real love ..
Wolfgang WOL9930
67 years
170 cm
73 kg
Frankfurt A / Germany
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I'm seriously seeking for a long term relationship with a nice warm hearted asian woman.
Jan JAN6191
61 years
176 cm
66 kg
Borås / Sweden
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I am looking for a serious relation leading to marriage. My future wife should be slim and sporty. I am not interrested in material things very much, more in travelling and interesting experiencies. My great passion is rock climbing, so I am keeping fit and I hope to find a partner to share my hobby.
Frank FRA8459
55 years
183 cm
72 kg
Bremen / Germany
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Long time I was not online here .. but actually nothing changed .

this profile is under construction and I still think about a better text .. thanks

- I am a human beeing, alive, real, breathing, warm and for sure not perfect.
- the priorities in life vary (besides my kids) - I hope one day you will be a part of it, so forget the table given below by this webside.
- priority in the relationship? Believe in it and each other - in good and bad days
- goals? Dying with a smile on my face for the things I have seen and done.
- relaxing? easy. Hold my hand.
- control ? No. But I am there if you need me

What do my kids and I like: ice cream, the sea and nature, music, painting / art, animals, good movies, laughing, honest people, silence in the right moments (me, not the kids)... and thousand things more.

Speaking with your eyes might be more important sometimes than the spoken word - so: thank you for not sending sun glasses pics - I need to see your smiling eyes.

update : as I got some funny replies:
- please observe the details of the information given in this profil: I am father of 2 girls xxxx and 14 years old) !!! So what you can get is a little family... The children living with me. We are German - have German passports.

- the relation I am looking for is not a business deal - I am not interested in your salary, business or how many apartments or cars you have. And: I AM NOT RICH !!

As you see, it is a lot of fun out there...

I am real, no scam, no cheat for money, nothing for sale.... its about our personal reality of tomorrow, hopefully until my curtain falls!

Germany, April 2019

Jimmy JIM1935
61 years
163 cm
65 kg
New York / United States of America
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I'm cool and easy Person, I would love a cool and easy person like me to spend a lifetime with. S-K-y.P-E live:extrashippings
Kean KEA8168
53 years
178 cm
80 kg
Cairns / Australia
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looking for happy person
Franksubasicspyk FRA1382
46 years
183 cm
96 kg
Calgary / Canada
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I like to think of myself as being a well rounded person. Besides knowing about computers and technology, I also like to cook, travel, and try different things when possible. I like being around kids and one day hope to start a family with the right person. I'm hoping to find someone that is somewhat educated, loyal, and willing to work in partnership with me for our future.
Wung Liu WUN4325
55 years
178 cm
87 kg
Hongkong / Hong Kong
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I am sincere true to myself, the gift to humanity i love nature, i love travelling a lot I hate cheaters, if you are one don't come near me
Ralph RAL2739
58 years
186 cm
96 kg
Nuremberg / Germany
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Hello to all.
Steven STE9849
56 years
174 cm
69 kg
Taipei / Taiwan
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Looking for real love
Frank FRA5222
50 years
173 cm
71 kg
Straelen / Germany
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i seek a nice woman for create a family
Paul PAU2562
41 years
166 cm
75 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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I am just a simple man that loves to be happy and see everyone around me happy too
Artem Kashkaev ART3834
30 years
187 cm
88 kg
Moscow / Russian Federation
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Hi! My name Artem I am a professional portrait-painter, I like to listen to heavy metal music.
I hesitate the first to write: Hi! :)
Lars LAR6489
67 years
180 cm
95 kg
Orebro / Sweden
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People say I have a bit shy but easy-going personality. I like to travel and I am a keen photographer. I belive I am an openminded person. As a part of my work I frequently visit Asia, usually China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I am not perfect but I belive I can say I have a warm heart.
Tw TWO2549
48 years
187 cm
100 kg
Copenhagen / Norway
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I am just a down to earth guy, with kind heart and no prejudisms
Bjørn BJH1312
43 years
184 cm
94 kg
Nesoddtange / Norway
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I am an adventourous positive open minded man. I love travelling and explore new places and cultures around the world. I am kind, faithful, romantic, funny, handy, creative, strong, have a good sence of humor, honest. I love all animals, love wild nature. I like watching movies, especially horror movies, but i do watch all kinds. I miss my better half in my arms.
I have two boys part time.
I'm only in here for serious relationdhip.

I am looking for a positive, open minded girl with a sense of humor. You like to travel, you like animals, all kinds of animals. You also need to accept my two boys i have part time.
You are willing to relocate to my country if we're a match. Your English ability also needs to be good. Because of understanfing eachother. Good communication is very important.

I respect all cultures, and of course expect the same in return.
Michel MIC8917
55 years
173 cm
82 kg
Kunming / China
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I enjoy a quiet life, quiet outdoors on the mountains or the ocean. This is why I chose Yunnan.
I enjoy hiking, swimming and water skiing; although sports in my life, which I’ve mastered, are downhill skiing, cycling, sailing, paragliding instructor / tandem pilot RC aircraft flying. That being said I like to stay in shape.

I'm also a person whom likes to manufacture all sorts of things, I’m a craftsman of furniture, house accessories, house improvements, modifying or fixing cars.
My career in Canada was in the sport bicycle industry, 1981 to 2002, many years of business opened up my eyes to the world. I gave it all up when I discovered how nice Yunnan was, and now here I am in Kunming.
I’m quite nostalgic, influenced by my family as the youngest of 6 children in a post wartime Canadian family; my teen years in the 70’s were normal small town life.

I’m intrigued by 20th century history, knowing what shaped the present, influencing and developing who we are today gives me a sense of balance in this rapidly changing world.

Classical, folk, pop, classic rock and modern rock, I enjoy music from a variety of genres.

I like to cook a variety of dishes.
Victor VIC0850
55 years
173 cm
90 kg
Dallas / United States of America
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I'm an individual with a lot of great personality willing to be loved and give love I'm hoping to find someone great who would give as much as I am
Julio JUL9836
52 years
177 cm
75 kg
Madrid / Spain
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I m a person quiet and with strong personality
I like healthy life and food, I like Natural I would like to find a good lady here honest and healthy mind
Markus MAR6356
54 years
176 cm
69 kg
Mannheim / Germany
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I'm looking for an emancipated partnership with a Chinese woman., who wants to live with me, to marry me.

Ask for more details!