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Peter PET8000
65 years
170 cm
79 kg
Wolfsburg / Germany
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humorvoll,optimistisch, ehrlich freundlich
ich suche eine Beziiehung,Freundschaft oder mehr...
eine Dame von 18 xxxx Jahren.
Mike MIK7563
48 years
175 cm
80 kg
Toronto / Canada
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A 44 y.o. gentlemen is looking for a tall xxxx cm +) lady to travel together and take care of her. A long term relationship and possibly relocation to Canada are possible plans in the immediate future.
Paul PAU9414
50 years
173 cm
63 kg
Tokyo / Japan
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am looking for a nice relationship
Atif ATI1437
58 years
176 cm
82 kg
Windsor / Canada
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I am sincere, honest, kind, compassionate, caring, considerate, and generous. I am open minded, easy going , tolerant, and well educated. I am highly cultured, sophisticated and open to all cultures and traditions. I am mature, well mannered, well tempered and gentleman. I am trust worthy and loyal. I appreciate oppeness , and communication. I am confident, straightforward with strong but nice personality. I am an attractive , nice looking man with good health and shape. I do very much appreciate and respect a good hearted woman. A woman with nice personality and inner beauty. I am looking for a woman, who is modern, but with good traditional chinese values to share the rest of her life with me. She will be my wive, the mother of my children and above all my best friend. A marriage based on mutual respect, communication, trust and understanding is a lasting one. Faith and destiny know no boundaries. I am not attracted only to physical appearance. What is beautiful in my eyes may not be beautiful in another man eyes. As they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am deeply and affectionately attracted to a sincere, honest, intelligent , faithful, loyal, and genuine woman with beautiful soul and personality with whome I can communicate easly and carry an honest and frank conversation on any matter and subject. I am not looking for a perfect women; rather I am looking for a genuine woman with a beautiful soul to have a perfect and lasting relation. You get the best out of other when you give the best of yourself.
Michael MIC3549
66 years
187 cm
136 kg
Cherry Hill / United States of America
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I am a point in my life where I am really settled down.I am a hard worker and a bit of a dreamer.I am beginning the best half of my life and have much to share and offer someone who shares my hopes and dreams with.I am easy going and am searching for friends first.If you are not good friends and enjoy each other why go any further.I would like to find a wife in the end but I want it to be forever.
Michael MIC2327
51 years
172 cm
70 kg
London / United Kingdom
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easy going, university educated and self sufficient. good health and not bad looking.
looking for good companion and possibility of marriage.
Charlie CHA9559
75 years
175 cm
75 kg
Copenhagen / Denmark
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I want to meet a friendly and kindly lady/girl in Beijing when I visit China and Beijing in business 4-5 times per year and hope we can make some fun togehter.
Have a lunch, dinner or drink together and have a good conversations/dialouge.
Rick RIC5410
68 years
182 cm
90 kg
Bangkok / Philippines
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Positive, optimistic, young at heart, sensual, romantic, open minded, and not very stuck in tradition.... Looking for a positive, optimistic, sensual, romantic, mystical woman who is free to explore the Mystery
Carl JIM5083
68 years
192 cm
93 kg
Evansville / United States of America
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I am a non member here so they filter most everything relating to connection, but or major western companies will work for me. I live in Evansville, Indiana.Looking for long term relationship.Culley Realty is my comp any. Please contact me at major networks. I can write more where it is warm.
Daniel GER5372
56 years
170 cm
105 kg
Jakarta / United States of America
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Geringoso is just an ordinary person.
I have three beautiful children (a 16 years old daughter and 12 years old twin boys).

If you seek..., you shall find...
I would like you to find me.

I am not rich so I hope to find a woman who doesn't worship the dollar sign.

If that person finds me, I am interested in her love.
I want to love her.
Love will be my gift to her.
Jerry JER8243
76 years
175 cm
79 kg
Casper / United States of America
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Iam looking for a wife a woman that well come to the USA Iam a wodoer and I do not have no childrenI I like to g camping and go fishing hurting I like to have a woman that like to do some like I do
Ronnie RON4334
61 years
180 cm
95 kg
Coventry / United Kingdom
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I think I am thoughtful, honest, kind, considerate, reliable, non-bias, empathetic, adaptive, responsible, positive, diligent, loving, punctual, resourceful and fun, but only you can be my real judge and decide for yourself.
I do not smoke or gamble, and only drink to be sociable. I have no bad habits and look after my body very well; I work out 1-3 times per week to keep my body in good shape.
I dress to suit any occasion, but when I am relaxing at home I dress in more comfortable clothes.
I live alone, cook, clean, paint, build, do the laundry, shopping and can accomplish all maintenance work in and around the home. I like
I was a soldier for 23 years which taught me a lot about self-discipline, teamwork, independence, determination, and strength of character, communication, and a lot about other cultures. I do not believe in God but I do respect the faith of others.
I think the most valuable gift you can give to someone is your time? You can always make more money but you cannot make time. When you give someone your time you are giving them a part of your life which you cannot have back.
I would like to meet someone who is not afraid to show emotion, feelings, can express themselves. If you have read this far, I thank you for your interest and hope you will contact me to learn more, or maybe I will contact you!
have a beautiful day!
Peter PET4118
43 years
165 cm
62 kg
Senftenberg / Germany
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wenn dann schreibt mir eure nummer....
Mcjhon MCJ6097
32 years
169 cm
87 kg
Taipei / Taiwan
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happy/love eating and cooking
Doc DOC2052
74 years
178 cm
80 kg
Boston / United States of America
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Friends would say I am an easy going, laid back person, well educated, a good listener. Like sports, active, good health. Looking for someone simiilar...someone who believes life is too short to waste, and enjoys the simple beauty of nature
Thomas THO6673
44 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I am no pro-member..can not read privat info
Rune RUN2499
52 years
185 cm
95 kg
Båtsfjord / Norway
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Hei. Here i am,what to say????????? nice
what i`m looking for is a girl to LOVE
Super K KJB7502
46 years
182 cm
69 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Looking for a nice Chinese girl to make friends with.

Want to show love and compassion.
I prefer someone Cantonese or speaks good English.
Garry GAR9013
57 years
183 cm
88 kg
Hernando / United States of America
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I am a passive guy looking for an active ladyboy. I am looking for someone that is fun, funny, adventurous, and intelligent. Someone that can carry on a good conversation, and communicate effectively about their feelings and able to listen. I like to play games, some sports, try new things and explore. I want someone that is a a feminine partner, lover, girlfriend in public, but want them to be in control in the bedroom.
Peter PET5258
58 years
180 cm
81 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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I'm a engineer and work worldwide on big projects.
I want to settle down in china soon - and my wish is to have a good and beautiful woman. I love children.