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Christopher CHR7870
53 years
184 cm
80 kg
El Monte / United States of America
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Hello, Thank you for looking at my profile.
I am looking for a serious relationship. I would like to meet someone younger than myself. I hope that you are a non smoker also. I would like to meet someone to share the rest of their life with me. If you are interested, then please write to me.
Marco MAR6398
72 years
172 cm
64 kg
Bologna / Italy
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I am a man good looking and full of energy.
I like to run and jump, but also walk in the woods,
on the rocks, on the beach, everywhere.....
I'm looking for a pretty and interesting woman.
I want to love her forever !
Ati ATT8074
54 years
183 cm
75 kg
Rigaud / Canada
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I'm looking for a serious relationship, which marriage will be. I'm looking for a Asian lady who is sincere, honest, and faithful wife will be in the near future, loves children, caring ... and is serious about marriage. Go hand in hand through life, love each other selflessly. Children who want to joint in the near future.
You're seriously looking for a sincere, honest and faithful husband?
Maybe I'm lucky and I meet here is real love.
I'm here! And you?
If you don't mean it, please do not bother me. Thank you ...
I look forward with confidence to play a positive answer ...
There is no photo on your profile, I am not responding.
Don't ask me for money, because I'm not sending it to anyone.
Have a good day...
David DAV9194
73 years
183 cm
72 kg
Hooker / United States of America
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I am 58 years old, was married for 30 years, have 2 grown children, I enjoy the outdoors, fishing camping, gardening. I just want a woman to love and be loved by in return, I am a simple man even though educated and not afraid of hard work.
Julio JUL7114
43 years
160 cm
67 kg
Lima / Peru
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sincero amoroso leal sobre mi pareja que sea de mente abierta amorosa fiel y muy trabajadora
est RAB1800
54 years
162 cm
35 kg
Montreal / Canada
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I am looking a woman to come live whit me and enjoy the life together. I will give her my eventing. I can give you a
home. But she need be real, and sincer. I will waitting for you. I don't like to be your sugar daddy. I don't support kids.
Alexis ALE4909
68 years
185 cm
91 kg
Macomb / United States of America
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Looking for a Chinese woman that loves to be loved and wanted. Who wants to share her life for rest of our days.
Jürgen JUR8318
75 years
184 cm
85 kg
Merzig / Germany
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ich suche eine nette ehrlische und treue frau.
Jerry JER8243
77 years
175 cm
79 kg
Casper / United States of America
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Iam looking for a wife a woman that well come to the USA Iam a wodoer and I do not have no childrenI I like to g camping and go fishing hurting I like to have a woman that like to do some like I do
Maurice MAU4470
75 years
168 cm
58 kg
New Yorkcit / United States of America
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trusting ,loving,and kind...
Ted TED4000
56 years
186 cm
120 kg
San Atonio / United States of America
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Want to meet my soumate
Jens JEN2048
57 years
178 cm
95 kg
Bremen / Germany
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Always look on the bright side of life.
There is no planet B.
Looking for simple down to earth woman to create longterm relationship.
I am one woman, one man personality.
Beni BEN3083
57 years
170 cm
66 kg
Haifa / Israel
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I am a good hearted man who loves to spend sports and a lot of work giving respect to women and appreciation trying to help others
Tom TOM5859
64 years
184 cm
86 kg
Mainz / Germany
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eine liebe grosse schlanke ( Pia )
Kent KEN6472
58 years
176 cm
90 kg
Califorina / United States of America
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kids tell you later. Not a member. As of to day but will be soon. I will update then
Wouter WOU8783
71 years
176 cm
71 kg
Karlslunde / Denmark
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I am a Dutch expat living still in Denmark but planning to move back to the Netherlands soon. I started my profession as electronic engineer in Germany Stuttgart in 1972. In 1975 I started voluntary work for low pay. In 1986 I moved with my wife and 1 year old son to Copenhagen to continue this voluntary work in the European management center. Due to this voluntary work I have a very moderate pension, which does not allow me to take care of your family. But this will change in the near future. I divorced my wife not long ago. We divorced as friends, having lived as brother and sister for a long time.I have a handicap since a bout of polio in 1951 and limp a bit. Despite this I was accepted for the royal dutch pilot school. BUT I did not pass the week-long practical test. This despite the knowledge as a hobby glider airplane pilot. Now I use one walking cane on longer distances. But walking up and down stairs gives me problems. I have a mother still of 97 years whom I hope to see soon, because I want to settle back in Holland before visiting you. I might move into her house because it was found to be not fitting to her physical condition after a recent fall by which she broke her pubic bone. She will go to a beautiful old peoples home which my siblings found. I have to get her to agree that that is the best for her.
I fell in love with beautiful Chinese women in general after browsing aliexpress and after being contacted xxxxxxxxxxx by a beautiful Chinese woman who turned out to be a scammer. So if you are a scammer please do not contact me. I was born in Jakarta and would like to find you in a warm climate.
I feel that the best relation is when I fall in love several times.... with the same woman.
Paolo PAO3436
74 years
170 cm
57 kg
Gold Coast / Australia
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Hi i am 65k xxxx i am physically fit .I 'NEVER MARRIED' and worked as a Commercial Pilot( small aircraft),and live in Coolangatta /Australia. Every day exercise/Tai Chi Chuan/Acupuntuer/ride bike/swim/walks-beach/like cooking!I go to Europe every year,and i like to stay on a 'YACHT' i like "The Mediterraenean'' I visit Asia twice a year .

I am searching for a lovely lady that speaks English, is fit ,and does like the ''outdoors''/healthy food.
I do want a lady as---

Friend/Confidant/Lover X paolo
Zac ZAC5948
39 years
186 cm
79 kg
Christchurc / New Zealand
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I am in New Zealand
Happy to chat
Blue eyes, blonde hair
Check my picture out, and read it too
James JAM4308
71 years
183 cm
82 kg
Anaheimcali / United States of America
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John JOH0165
29 years
176 cm
68 kg
Tianjin / China
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kind, romantic, self confident