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Rambo RAM9532
69 years
176 cm
75 kg
Toronto / Canada
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A business professional who has accomplished and experienced corporate life at the very top. Born, raised and completed military service in a tiny but advanced country in Asia, educated in England, worked in EU, Asia, Middle-East and Canada. Can get by with 5 languages at different levels of communication. Known to my business associates as the elephant hunter - one who only goes after the MEGA deals....and a value creator.
Words that describe me in the profile are: understanding, unquestioning, humane, selfless, gentle, kind-hearted, gullible and indulgent. A sharp wit and dry sense of humour will surface when called for and when the mood is there, creative writing juices will flow. Badminton is my passion and I play regularly at a high level; that's what is keeping me young, mobile and fit.

This is very clear to me - Women are from Venus and men are from Mars; also, women think with their hearts.... Whoever you are, you should draw the best out of me!

So there you go....that's me. There is one way to find out... and I think you know how.....good luck in your search ;-)