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Peter PET9859
68 years
171 cm
85 kg
Cannington / Australia
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Hello, my name is Peter, I am a retired carpenter, looking for love and companionship,
setve SET4872
21 years
179 cm
-- kg
Roubaix / France
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A kind, beautiful and generous woman
Anthony ANT7790
45 years
175 cm
70 kg
Hubei, Adel / Australia
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I am interested in serious relationships
Danny DAN9606
33 years
178 cm
76 kg
Guangde, An / China
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Whatever you want to know we can't chat. If you like me just let's contact
Lucas LUC5818
58 years
172 cm
48 kg
Tokyo / Japan
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I'm easy going man, described as an introvert but not too sure with their thoughts
Sami SAM8073
37 years
169 cm
76 kg
ChangSha / China
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Currently in Changsha
Feng FEN4275
50 years
179 cm
107 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Looking for a life partner who is smart, curious, kind and funny 2.

I know it's probably to much to ask for, but i am here to find the fitting lid to my pot and that are my requirements..

If you can live with a fat tall chinese, who is more german than chinese, That would be a first step. The second would be, that you have to accept a poor guy. I know that's a big drawback for most of you ladies. But i am only honest to you. Third thing is, that i am a Systemengineer and therefore i do professionally a lot with Computers, but i do like gaming, watching movies, binge watching tv-series and so on, too. You have to share my interests and more. I do like all sorts of art, history and more. I have been politically active before, but i am still a nice and friendly guy. I can be furios too and my fire burns hot and long, that is my bad side, you have to deal with.

If i haven't discouraged you til now, than you are possibly up to all the task above and than you are my lady, i am looking for my whole life

with Love

Ander AND5300
29 years
190 cm
87 kg
Vladivostok / Russian Federation
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I adore Asian girls xxxx
Jan JAN3333
71 years
180 cm
87 kg
Dresden Are / Germany
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I expect you to be honest and sincere. I like charming and intelligent ladies with life experience. I send no money to no one, my intention is to find a partner lady for life, marriage is preferred
Kelvin KEL1865
42 years
166 cm
68 kg
New York / United States of America
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I'm kelvin and lives in New York friendly, cool, patient, understanding, loving and caring man.. that's who I am
Jessie JES5569
71 years
176 cm
82 kg
Charlottesv / United States of America
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A easy going person I like to be loved and I will give back the same to them
Hein KLA8778
62 years
176 cm
88 kg
Hessen / Germany
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I am engineer of environmental planning, ,working in my own company near Frankfurt, Germany.
I am looking for a asian woman, as i travelled a lot in asian countries, especially in China, although i dont speak any asian language.
Where is my Maggie Cheung ? :)
Tony TON5870
67 years
186 cm
91 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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hello,how are you? that would like to meet in Zhengzhou, Shanhai,Beijing..I like feminine girls. you must like make up. lets talk!! i am not conservative..i am open minded.
Demetrio DEM5614
47 years
188 cm
90 kg
Belogorsk / Russian Federation
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Looking for my lovely wife.xxxxx Write me with photo. I hope I will find here my future bride! ))))
Pierre PIE4819
52 years
181 cm
85 kg
Geneva / Switzerland
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Hi ^^,i m working in the Sky enter Europe and Asia mainly and newly to China again ^^
I wish to Love and be Love ...^*
Giuseppe PEP9726
75 years
176 cm
90 kg
Aljezur / Portugal
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Main photo 2021, so please ladies do the same. I am widower. Retired, I live alone. In good shape and health, searching for a REAL soulmate with a good sense of humor. About my life? ? Ask me, I always give answers. I think is better try and perhaps regret as regrets without trying.
A final note about the participants on this Site, we are all serious here, Many show no respect for those who seek contact by ignoring or not replying to letters. Participants without Respect. Whom doesn´t answer to writings, has NO respect for other people.
Paolo PAO8093
64 years
182 cm
100 kg
Torino / China
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ABOUT ME: i'm italian and i'm looking for a honest loyal selfconfent romantic chinese woman. You can meet me with my code in chinese chat
and so i hope you contact me. I'll be happy to meet you in Italy or in China.
Dirk DIR3214
58 years
180 cm
90 kg
Flensburg / Germany
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Suche eine nette ehrliche Frau.
Robert ROB9111
77 years
183 cm
91 kg
San Antonio / United States of America
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I am interest in anthropology, history, current events and sociology from an evolutionary perspective. I am looking for an intellegent lady to be my friend and companion.
Jimmy JIM7412
56 years
180 cm
74 kg
Miami / United States of America
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Hi ladies. I am seeking a wife for marriage