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Viktor VIK8046
63 years
195 cm
102 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Accomplished in career & well educated. Loyal and passionate. Seeking honest, intelligent, partner that is attractive without the deception of cosmetics.
Kurt KUR7824
59 years
170 cm
85 kg
Tacoma / United States of America
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I like the outdoors, hiking, mountain biking and just being out doors on the beach or in the forest. I like good food and enjoy eating out or cooking at home. I do very little gardening, but have some plants in my house. I like to read, listen to music, play my guitar and watch a good film. I do watch TV on occasion mostly when the weather is too bad to go out. I love older cities and villages and enjoy exploring them.
Michael MIC5340
57 years
173 cm
78 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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I am looking for a rose in my life, the true me, accompanied understanding, honest and trustworthy through life. Maybe you're the lucky one then that will bloom at my side?

This is the romantic question from me, which I have asked of you.

I would be very happy if I get a serious partner, because I had been disappointed in the past.

My partner should be trusting, loving, cheerful, independent and loyal.
My partner should also have understanding, that I am hearing impaired and can not therefore necessarily calls - especially if anyone often speaks softly and in a different language such like English.

Most important for me is, that love, warmth and soul are there from both sides, and that comes in the partnership can coming to a lasting success.

First I want to build a friendship with mutual pleasure, that can lead to a marriage.

Women who request early just after financial aid need not to contact me. I am a simple employee and not a millionaire. But if we build a wonderful friendship over a longer time, have mutual interests, have come to know each other better and so soon the love is coming, so we can save for our visiting and personal knowing :-).

I am pleased for your speedy answers and we can also :-).

Greetings and take cares,
Thom THO7378
77 years
180 cm
92 kg
Appleton / United States of America
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I enjoy nature, sailing, reading, computers, writing, painting, travel. My working career was spent as a marketing consultant, business writer, trainer and speaker. I have lived and worked in Hawaiixxxxxyears), Singapore, and on the mainland U.S. I have traveled extensively in the Pacific Rim/Asia/ &Oceania. I am now semi-retired but still very active, passionate, and adventurous. My time is now spent writing, painting, reading, and doing project research on the internet. I intend to move back to Hawaii or some other tropical climate in the next few years.

I was educated as an agricultural marketing specialist and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Missouri in the United States.

I believe strongly in the power and grace of love and loyalty. I am a one-woman man with a keen sense of justice and fair play. True love is only present when the happiness and well-being of your partner is essential to your own happiness and well-being.

I am seeking a life partner who is feminine, honest, kind, faithful, refined, educated, positive minded, intellectually curious, and has a broad view of the world. She will treat me with the same level of respect, gentleness, and affection that I will treat her.

Update: On December 3rd, 2010 I had open heart surgery xxxx bypass} and still in rehab from that. I am also a controlled diabetic who takes oral medication for that daily. I am still active but can no longer do some of the more intensive sports and recreational activities like mountain climbing, trekking, deep diving, or other strenuous physical challenges. In all other phases of my life I am fine.
Andreas AND3078
61 years
191 cm
96 kg
Celle / Germany
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Well, maybe I'm looking for you, if you can be faithful, sincere, children and a good friend, lover and woman xxxxxxxxxxxxx I have unfortunately not, I am on
Jacques JAC3418
63 years
166 cm
56 kg
Santo Domin / Dominican Republic
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Wish human moral and traditional qualities..A woman with good heat and intelligence of heart.Good heart woman generous in love.Very caring and sensual.
Wayne WAY6908
63 years
178 cm
89 kg
Noosa / Australia
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Easy going, educated, worldly and a lover of nature. like creative activities such as art and music..
William WIL9875
72 years
189 cm
112 kg
Port Saint / United States of America
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​I only speak English. Communication is extremely important, for us to achieve any Enlightenment! So there must be a good, common understanding of the English language!

Forgive me, I do not speak a word of Chinese!!! Maybe you will teach me. I read from left to right and I can not identify any of your letters! LOL

I will be coming to China soon, but for now, I wish to acquire as many new friends as possible. So if you are like minded about new Friendships and very curious, as to where our Friendship may lead, then Please send me a message!

I an having problems to finish up my business here right now. I will be joining this site VERY SOON, hopefully by January and reply to your messages!

I am Romantic but I do not trust in "LOVE AT FIRST SITE BY PICTURES"!!! Many times this leads to "EMOTIONAL MISTAKES" and this is very important for me!

I do however, believe in "KARMA AND THE "POWER OF ATTRACTION"! A Powerful Chemistry, a safer and more intelligent approach, to any NEW relationship!!!

Please; "NO DIVORCEES" I will only consider Single-Never Married or Widows!

Donald DON6818
78 years
178 cm
105 kg
Ravenna / United States of America
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A good loyal woman
Loren LOR1684
49 years
173 cm
134 kg
Kingman / United States of America
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I'm an easy going, quiet, loner type that is practically looking for the opposite.
Ben BEN9697
65 years
178 cm
84 kg
Dallas Tx / United States of America
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I am a businessman, a single father with two kids
Ted TED8859
52 years
175 cm
109 kg
Sydney / Australia
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A deep thinker, Kind & Generous, Like to make people laugh, and always there for them in need of company or help...
Jeovany JEO8945
41 years
165 cm
59 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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im looking for a serious relationship to start a family.
Volker VOL8087
63 years
186 cm
97 kg
Bj, Gz, Sh / Germany
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I look for a girl who care me well :)
Ivan MDI3440
24 years
180 cm
74 kg
Habarovsk / Russian Federation
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I'm looking for people with whom you can just make friends
Aleksandr ALE7125
66 years
185 cm
93 kg
Moskow / Russian Federation
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Lovely women, I love you all, write first do not be shy! I do not bite. I hope to find real friends, and maybe a wife.
Kamil KAM0677
21 years
175 cm
65 kg
Przeworsk / Poland
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Im a loving and caring person, so if you want to know more about pls do chat me :)
Arnoldw ARN4814
30 years
180 cm
80 kg
Paris / Turkey
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I live in Turkey I live in Istanbul and I really like to live in Tokyo or Kyoto, Japan. I also love South Korea. I have a lot of Korean friends. I enjoy chatting with my dad. I am here to chat.
Thomas THO6673
44 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I am no pro-member..can not read privat info
Ian IAN8415
61 years
178 cm
80 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I am an individual who is shy at first and would really like to have a friendship with an asian woman. I am not looking for total beauty, beauty on the inside is what is important. Someone who has a sense of humour and can have an intelligent conversation without being judgemental.
WA Australia plus 61 four zero five 6 zero 6 four 3 four