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Dennis DEN9414
79 years
179 cm
91 kg
Richmond Bc / Canada
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I been single for twenty years,happy go lucky person, retired, live in canada richmond bc canada
Nico NIC4243
25 years
173 cm
85 kg
Geneva / Switzerland
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Hi don't hesitate to contact me
Peter PET4004
66 years
180 cm
92 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Im retired now...
I have xxxxx ...
Albert ALB1301
72 years
173 cm
86 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I my name is albert ,I am an easy going, honest, educated man with a good sense of humour and a respect for other people. I am looking for a woman who will be my best friend, lover and partner for the rest of my life.

Maximo Veliz MAX3306
42 years
175 cm
70 kg
Ciudad Guay / Venezuela
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Julien CAR4857
46 years
180 cm
67 kg
Paris / France
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intelligente drôle et avec du caractère
Patrick PAT2568
74 years
183 cm
96 kg
Alvaston / United Kingdom
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THANK YOU ALL FOR LOOKING AT MY PROFILE ? i am separated from my wife for long time, i am looking for a longterm relationship with a kind and loving lady i live alone in England all my family are grown up i am a mature man hopping to find love and just be happy together take care and be very safe at the moment i xxxxxxxxxx only i do not have xxxxx yet be careful and safe patrickxxx
Super K KJB7502
46 years
182 cm
69 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Looking for a nice Chinese girl to make friends with.

Want to show love and compassion.
I prefer someone Cantonese or speaks good English.
57 years
185 cm
78 kg
Ingleside / United States of America
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Let's talk I have a visa for China so it's possible for me to visit you xxxx I will be very happy to find a asian wife so if you want .
big dragon, mixed race marriage and mixed race child. Let's talk !! If Your who I'm looking for ..email, or we can use we xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Christopher CHR7605
65 years
177 cm
75 kg
Erie / United States of America
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Easy going, well educated person who has worked much of my life, in public service. I have always tried to help others, possibly less fortunate. I love to travel, especially to the different countries of Asia. I have been to China multiple times, and have both American and Chinese friends there. It's now time to find someone nice to be with. I would prefer an Asian lady, as I respect their values and culture more. Age is not important, and if the lady has a child or not. I like children, however never had any of my own. I am open for any type of relationship, as friends or a long term commitment. Looking forward in hearing from you.
Lew LEW2172
67 years
177 cm
77 kg
Kelowna / Canada
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hi ladies.. nice to meet you ! Maybe we can be friends? i hope you will have success in your search!
Tan TAN1333
60 years
172 cm
75 kg
Shanghai / China
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Easy going person, loves to cook during off day and likes to travel to see places.
Benjie BEN5353
21 years
168 cm
60 kg
Taguig / Philippines
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Hello, I'm Benjie or just Benj. I like to read books, listen to music, play online games on my PC and do podcasts. I am currently studying Statistics and working my way up to the world of Information, I am here to look for someone who I can catch up with. ;)
Sherwin SHE3734
37 years
176 cm
33 kg
Taguig / Philippines
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I am proud being gay, looking for someone who can accept me for who i really am. Serious relationship is what i am looking for.
Arnoldw ARN4814
30 years
180 cm
80 kg
Paris / Turkey
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I live in Turkey I live in Istanbul and I really like to live in Tokyo or Kyoto, Japan. I also love South Korea. I have a lot of Korean friends. I enjoy chatting with my dad. I am here to chat.
Thomas THO6673
44 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I am no pro-member..can not read privat info
Max MAX6453
43 years
187 cm
89 kg
Nuremberg / Germany
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Hi, I am Max and i hope to find someone to build up something special.

Unfortunately I am not yet a gold member and hence not able to answer here.

If you are interested, I would need some meaningful details from you to get in touch.

My line is xxxx and if you (ad) xxxx and xxxx after that you have my xxxx as well. Telegram (ad)M4x4u

Hope to be in contact soon.
Greg GRE7470
49 years
172 cm
68 kg
Charlotte / United States of America
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I am a nonpaying member so I can't reply to some chats.
Waldemar WAL5409
55 years
186 cm
122 kg
Hanau / Germany
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Mark MAR2364
55 years
177 cm
75 kg
Exminster / United Kingdom
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I'm a happy go lucky type of guy with a good sense of humor like someone simular