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Samuel SAM8431
62 years
173 cm
76 kg
Sydney / Australia
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I am hard working man who love traveling alot,am kind loving caring understanding and honest,i love camping hiking movie traveling fishing cooking reading and writing poems gym garden
Derek DER3852
72 years
181 cm
71 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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Hallo Chinese Kisses,

thank you for your attention to my profile during the last weeks.

I have found a lot of pretty and nice women here.

They all are longing for.............what?

All ask for mariage, but most have been married before.

There are more men in China than women......

Only few of you are speaking and writing foreign languages.

What do you expect from such a marriage? Economical security?

Do you read or listen to the news of the world?

What do you think makes a difference between China and your dream of Western World?

I am an indepentend thinker and living as free as possible. I am interested in a woman which is willing to build up a basic relationship by correspondence and not by chatting. Those who are not willing to invest time and emotions in mails have no chance.

Neither women who dress and behave like puppets or actress do not fit to my world.
I am working as consultant for NGOs in many countries and travel a lot.
But I love the privat time living on my farm right in the nature. I am not looking for your age, because in my age I can deal with nearly any. I am looking for the beauty of your mind. My preference have slim women which practice spirituality. Are there any ladies interested in philosophy?

This might help you to find out more about me and if you might fit to me ......
Darrick DAR1730
43 years
165 cm
63 kg
Stuttgartlu / Germany
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I am a multicultural person. Therefore, I like to travel in nice countries. I try to respect other cultures an traditions. Sometimes it is difficult, but i try :-)
At the moment i try to learn a little bit Spanish, so when i travel in middle/south America i hopefully can understand an talk a little bit to the people.
I also like to make sports.
I would like to learn Latin-dancing (like bachiata and salsa), so i hopefully will make it, to start a course the next months.

If you are sportive and like to travel too, we can enjoy life and have fun.
A bit later in the future when everything goes well we can build up our own family with children.
Joe JOE5813
75 years
182 cm
82 kg
Hanover / Germany
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I am looking for a nice lady.
These days I am living in Germany, but willing to move where my future lady lives...
Mohammad MOH6570
50 years
171 cm
54 kg
Brooklyn / United States of America
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Markus MAR6356
53 years
176 cm
69 kg
Mannheim / Germany
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I'm looking for an emancipated partnership with a Chinese woman., who wants to live with me, to marry me.

Ask for more details!
Steven STE3980
72 years
168 cm
73 kg
London / Canada
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I am happy, healthy & looking for a honest, decent lady for a lasting friendship and a
marriage down the road.
Ernie ERN7502
57 years
180 cm
80 kg
Muenster / Germany
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Hello !
Why this personal ad ? Certainly not I find any woman, but because I have a new way to find a woman where I feel really good, because we complement each other, pay attention and do many beautiful things and love us deep inner feelings.
I am loyal, simple, enterprising and interested in many things, especially in the Asian culture and lifestyle. Tolerant also with respect to other relegion and am non-denominational.
I live and like to eat in a healthy base. I am domesticated but I like it to travel other countries.

Best regards
Jason JAS8846
59 years
194 cm
74 kg
San Fransci / United States of America
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I am looking for a sweet fun loving person.
Someone that is intelligent, loyal, caring, affectionate and romantic.
James JAM8286
71 years
187 cm
107 kg
Southend / United Kingdom
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Lconsider my self to be a happy person looking for a loyal and trustworthy partner to share my life with.
Frank FRA5222
50 years
173 cm
71 kg
Straelen / Germany
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i seek a nice woman for create a family
Ernst Albus ERN1281
67 years
173 cm
93 kg
Ratingen / Germany
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It's time to change approach...

I am married to a foreign woman I offered a chance to live in Germany - with me and if she wants also her child.

It seems this has changed in her mind and I will check out what future she really wants to provide for herself.

So be assured i am not afraid to go for divorce if I must think the basic ideas about living together have changed.

I must say if this should happen, I am not willing to think about next marriage for the coming time.

Whoever wants to talk or exchange experience in life or needs help in matters concerning this site purpose may send me a message. If possible I will help...

I am tired of telling about my life, my past in such profiles as it seems people are generally not able to reflect my experiences into their own life or life plans.

So everybody may be cautious in all sites about friendship and marriage as most encounters will not end the way it is actually wanted.

E. A. 216B11 / 217B22
Michael MIC2331
53 years
182 cm
78 kg
Kansas / United States of America
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i am a passionate gentleman, well educated and vibrant in my chosen carrier. i am mentally and physically healthy, a geologist by profession and a God fearing man. i am here to search for that special one with whom to spend the rest of my retirement life. i do not search for perfection or beauty from the outside but the inner beauty which is priceless.
Chegri CHE8800
55 years
180 cm
75 kg
Le Bourget / France
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j'aime la cuture chinoise, c'est pour cela que je cherche une partenaire chinoise, ou je voyage souvent pour mon travail. a bientot ( i like the chinese cultur , and chinese peopols ) find for more friends here see you soon for tchat, SIMO
Charlie CHA7984
60 years
170 cm
72 kg
Seoul / South Korea
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Hello. How's there. Nice to see you here. I'm living in Seoul Korea. But I'm going to foreign countries often for the business. I want my partner can speaking English as a good. And good educated. Thanks .
Dieter DIE9265
64 years
172 cm
68 kg
Detmold / Germany
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I would like to meet a sincere an honest lady to be my future wife.
Franksubasicspyk FRA1382
46 years
183 cm
96 kg
Calgary / Canada
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I like to think of myself as being a well rounded person. Besides knowing about computers and technology, I also like to cook, travel, and try different things when possible. I like being around kids and one day hope to start a family with the right person. I'm hoping to find someone that is somewhat educated, loyal, and willing to work in partnership with me for our future.
Desmond DES8332
53 years
180 cm
87 kg
Northampton / United Kingdom
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Warm and friendly
Andreas AND9560
53 years
190 cm
100 kg
Suzhou / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Soteris SOT9342
70 years
173 cm
50 kg
London / United Kingdom
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china woman