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Robbie ROB6579
52 years
186 cm
95 kg
Seengen / Switzerland
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Hello dear, honest, kind, sincere and beautiful CHINA GIRL...

...Yes I mean you! Maybe you are looking for a quiet, nice, sincere, tolerant, sensible, honest and tall Swiss Guy. I'm open minded, kind, nice, passionate, humourous and romantic. Pls don't waste my Time with wrong Pictures and Fake Identities. Write only when you want serious Contact and want to know me more. I'm happy to hear from you soon and I'll wait. Dear Regards, Hugs and Kisses.
Douglas DOU1417
68 years
192 cm
76 kg
Riverside / United States of America
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Here are a few more things about me, I wish you to know:

For me, I am a sincere person who looks deeply for a life partner. I also would like to be your friend and to develop a possible relationship over time. I hope that you are looking for the same thing a in a partner. I too wish for an open and supportive relationship with no regrets and no secrets. Such for me would be ideal. I also like to be active, I exercise everyday, eat healthy, and have no bad habits. I too like the outdoors and like to go on hikes in the mountains. I have many hobbies and interests, but I especially like photography.

My immediate goal is to finish the schooling I have just started. I am at school to learn to become a more valuable teacher. I hope to teach in areas where I can be most effective in changing lives. After this, and after I find a job that suits me, I wish to marry a precious lady and to form a warm and everlasting relationship. After this, I wish to have at least one child. This now are my life goals, and every day I think of each one.

For me, happiness comes every day and comes from the inside. Sure there are external events that happen to us that make us happy, even a person showing a kind act, or a warm smile, or a sparkle in their eye can make us happy. But probably such events pass maybe too quickly from our memory. To be truly happy one must be at peace with the world, and more so, to be fascinated with the world. One cannot always wish for the world to be better for them and to be a happy person. Such people who are never pleased are the most miserable. But the events that I wish to happen in my life to make me satisfied and content would be the events of finishing my education, finding an appropriate job, finding my special partner in life, and forming a close, warm, and supportive family.

I hope this tells you more about me, and about my heart. Thank you for taking the ttime to read my profile. Take care.
Andreas AND9560
56 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Viktor VIK8046
62 years
195 cm
102 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Accomplished in career & well educated. Loyal and passionate. Seeking honest, intelligent, partner that is attractive without the deception of cosmetics.
Mark MAR3090
47 years
185 cm
122 kg
Usa / United States of America
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Hi... so I am a white american, but I like pinay so I posted in manila. a few years ago I had a pinay gf. I bought her an outfit to wear for me (boots,skirt,top) and she said it was unfair she dressed up and I didnt. she had me get an outfit of my own to wear for her, and I kinda liked wearing it for her. unfortunetly she married someone else. I didnt know it was a race to the phils to meet her. she married the first one there. I know I am a little weird. but hoping I might find another woman into this. I only wear in the privacy of my house, never in public and I haven't done anything with a man yet either

Clifford CLI8824
62 years
182 cm
85 kg
Chico / United States of America
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I'm a homebody, a hopeful romantic and an introvert. Outdoors I like long walks, playing in the park with my daughter and tending to my yard. Indoors, I enjoy reading, music, cooking, candle lit dinners, breakfast in bed, a nice dinner out, a good home cooked meal, snuggling in front of the fireplace, watching movies, spending time in bed with my lover. I'm looking for a long term relationship with someone who is happy, independent, secure, self-confident, responsible, trusting, understanding and honest. She must be a good listener and communicator, because a long term relationship can only succeed by listening and working hard every day to keep it alive. She must enjoy the simple life.
Nicholas NIC9191
52 years
170 cm
66 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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I am a decent good-looking man with a profession to hold and I will like my spouse to take me for who I am as she will be the duchess of my heart
Eddie EDD9450
62 years
182 cm
98 kg
Davison / United States of America
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Looking for a good woman that is loyal and faithful
Robert ROB9093
55 years
183 cm
77 kg
New York / United States of America
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I will tell you if I contact you. Just need to say I am a good man with good intentions. Honorable
Thomas THO9929
58 years
185 cm
75 kg
Pfungstadt / Germany
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no lies, no games
I am honest, loyal and loving
Atif ATI1437
58 years
176 cm
82 kg
Windsor / Canada
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I am sincere, honest, kind, compassionate, caring, considerate, and generous. I am open minded, easy going , tolerant, and well educated. I am highly cultured, sophisticated and open to all cultures and traditions. I am mature, well mannered, well tempered and gentleman. I am trust worthy and loyal. I appreciate oppeness , and communication. I am confident, straightforward with strong but nice personality. I am an attractive , nice looking man with good health and shape. I do very much appreciate and respect a good hearted woman. A woman with nice personality and inner beauty. I am looking for a woman, who is modern, but with good traditional chinese values to share the rest of her life with me. She will be my wive, the mother of my children and above all my best friend. A marriage based on mutual respect, communication, trust and understanding is a lasting one. Faith and destiny know no boundaries. I am not attracted only to physical appearance. What is beautiful in my eyes may not be beautiful in another man eyes. As they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am deeply and affectionately attracted to a sincere, honest, intelligent , faithful, loyal, and genuine woman with beautiful soul and personality with whome I can communicate easly and carry an honest and frank conversation on any matter and subject. I am not looking for a perfect women; rather I am looking for a genuine woman with a beautiful soul to have a perfect and lasting relation. You get the best out of other when you give the best of yourself.
Jessie JES5569
69 years
176 cm
82 kg
Charlottesv / United States of America
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A easy going person I like to be loved and I will give back the same to them
Neil NEI5278
57 years
177 cm
38 kg
Sandbach / United Kingdom
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.....Good morning how are you
Seyed SEY7825
58 years
169 cm
103 kg
Tehran / Iran
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Hello, you can believe that this will be so Looking for a true and loyal woman away from lies and seriously to start a common life
The profile picture is not for me
Artur ART8547
66 years
185 cm
85 kg
Fulda / Germany
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I'm looking for a serious and longterm relationship leading into marriage
est RAB1800
53 years
162 cm
35 kg
Montreal / Canada
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I am looking a woman to come live whit me and enjoy the life together. I will give her my eventing. But she need be real, and sincer. I will waitting for you.
Feng FEN4275
48 years
179 cm
109 kg
Berlin / Germany
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I am bad in writing profiles, so i erased it. if you want know more, send me a message
Max MAX6453
44 years
187 cm
89 kg
Nuremberg / Germany
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Hi, I am Max and i hope to find someone to build up something special.

Unfortunately I am not yet a gold member and hence not able to answer here.

If you are interested, I would need some meaningful details from you to get in touch.

My line is xxxx and if you (ad) xxxx and xxxx after that you have my xxxx as well. Telegram (ad)M4x4u

Hope to be in contact soon.
Dotty FRE8338
60 years
170 cm
72 kg
Beirut / Lebanon
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Hi every nice girl and woman . Am gentle , classy , honest and serious single man , from Middel -East country of Lebanon . Seeking to finde and make relationship with real choiced soulmate .Sorry am not a membership upgrade , can't reply. Thanks for visiting my page.
Marek MAR9859
38 years
177 cm
90 kg
Stettin / Poland
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