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Jerry JER8243
79 years
175 cm
79 kg
Casper / United States of America
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Iam looking for a wife a woman that well come to the USA Iam a wodoer and I do not have no childrenI I like to g camping and go fishing hurting I like to have a woman that like to do some like I do
Travis TRA5822
48 years
182 cm
97 kg
Homer / United States of America
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I am a very intelligent man, compassionate, warm and witty. I look for an adventurous partner who wants to see the world and travel but also enjoys time at home.
Wolfgang WOL3464
52 years
173 cm
75 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hi, i m a german guy living here in europe/germany and i m looking for a woman who desires a longlasting and everlasting relationship, coz i dont want an affaire please. You should please be trustworthy, very loving, very caring, mentally quite openminded and also very openminded for erotic adventures and experiances. Basically like a very openminded and really intense relationship and marriage, always full of deep love please. Just like the known design of a socalled hotwife which would give both of us lots of pleasure and enrichment in life on a longterm base of course. I m also a member of the swingasia community and hopefully my future wife likes exciting things like that as well. It would be great if you hopefully have various interests like sports, fitness, dancing and healthy food. You should be confident and an active type of person please. You get even lots of interesting books about this kind of open and exciting marriage life. I hope you will be willing and really like to live with me here in europe/germany. I m not into any games please, coz my time is always a bit limited. My own business keeps me often very occupied and my chosen woman hopefully will accept it and may be even like it. It would be great if you also like any ocean activities and yachting and sailing. May be i might find the right woman on this site here. Lots of kisses to you.
Giuseppe PEP9726
76 years
176 cm
90 kg
Aljezur / Portugal
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Main photo 2021, so please ladies do the same. I am widower. Retired, I live alone. In good shape and health, searching for a REAL soulmate with a good sense of humor. About my life? ? Ask me, I always give answers. I think is better try and perhaps regret as regrets without trying.
A final note about the participants on this Site, we are all serious here, Many show no respect for those who seek contact by ignoring or not replying to letters. Participants without Respect. Whom doesn´t answer to writings, has NO respect for other people.
Andreas AND9560
58 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in Yantai - Shandong
Genesis GEN9859
29 years
169 cm
43 kg
Murcia / Philippines
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I'm loving,caring,understanding,honest and loyal guy.
I'm a poor guy from Philippines!
Johan JOH7282
28 years
170 cm
70 kg
Vasteras / Sweden
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I'm looking for chinese woman
Sven SVE1608
46 years
180 cm
75 kg
Gütersloh / Germany
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Hi Girls, Im looking for my Soulwomen...if u serious interessted and wanna know more about me, so contact me pls. also on we,c,ha,t.
Waldemar WAL5409
58 years
186 cm
122 kg
Hanau / Germany
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War schon oft in Asien
Mein Traum ist China besuchen
Patrick PAT2568
76 years
183 cm
96 kg
Alvaston / United Kingdom
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THANK YOU ALL FOR LOOKING AT MY PROFILE ? i am separated from my wife for long time, i am looking for a longterm relationship with a kind and loving lady i live alone in England all my family are grown up i am a mature man hopping to find love and just be happy together take care and be very safe at the moment i xxxxxxxxxx only i do not have xxxxx yet be careful and safe patrickxxx
Babu BAB0673
23 years
166 cm
50 kg
Harbin / China
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Looking for serious relations
Kurt KUR6675
52 years
175 cm
57 kg
West Palm B / United States of America
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I am a quite person who enjoys life and likes to travel. I am looking for a nice girl I can spend my time with. I work at a University in IT but also enjoy music and love to play guitar and sing.
Paul PAU6447
57 years
179 cm
80 kg
Perth / Australia
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I would describe myself as a down to earth man that is easy going , unpretentious , caring and considerate.
I am fairly quiet natured, responsible and stable.
I enjoy the simple things in life as much as the finer and of course the exciting, I am the state manager for a national company, so that keeps me busy and limits my chances to get out and find a partner in the traditional way.

I am told that i have a great sense of humour.

My values are very traditional in that honesty and Integrity are very important to me, As are good friends and family.

Thanks for checking my profile and i look forward to talking to you soon, xxxxx fordxxxxx
Talk to you there if interested.

I hope everyone finds there perfect partner here.

Dionne DIO8927
60 years
177 cm
73 kg
Toronto / Canada
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I’m looking for serious long term relationship and possibly marriage, I know there a soulmate out there for me , please don’t message me if you’re intentions are fake or not real, don’t waste my time or your time , real people only please , who are serious
Jesus JES2166
59 years
183 cm
92 kg
Madrid / Spain
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I am a romantic man. I love to travel and visit beautiful places
Feng FEN4275
50 years
179 cm
107 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Looking for a life partner who is smart, curious, kind and funny 2.

I know it's probably to much to ask for, but i am here to find the fitting lid to my pot and that are my requirements..

If you can live with a fat tall chinese, who is more german than chinese, That would be a first step. The second would be, that you have to accept a poor guy. I know that's a big drawback for most of you ladies. But i am only honest to you. Third thing is, that i am a Systemengineer and therefore i do professionally a lot with Computers, but i do like gaming, watching movies, binge watching tv-series and so on, too. You have to share my interests and more. I do like all sorts of art, history and more. I have been politically active before, but i am still a nice and friendly guy. I can be furios too and my fire burns hot and long, that is my bad side, you have to deal with.

If i haven't discouraged you til now, than you are possibly up to all the task above and than you are my lady, i am looking for my whole life

with Love

Nick DOM8508
75 years
177 cm
64 kg
Plymouth / United Kingdom
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Lonely seeking romantic partner
Super K KJB7502
48 years
182 cm
69 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Looking for a nice Chinese girl to make friends with.

Want to show love and compassion.
I prefer someone Cantonese or speaks good English.
setlers SET2655
40 years
175 cm
70 kg
Exeter / United Kingdom
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My name is Lukasz and I am 39 years old. I am looking for a wife, I am only interested in a serious xxxxI am not very young man anymore so I want to settle down and be a happy man. I really believe that I will achieve my goal and we will be together forever. Real, deep and true love is very important to me.
Kojo KOJ3066
50 years
191 cm
95 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am currently living and working Dubai , My work in Investment Banking .lived in Dubai for 20 years I am original from London UK born in Scotland Glasgow UK. I am a very responsible man. I think that taking care of my family and those around me is important to me . I never lacked confidence, I guess that's one thing that has contributed to my success. I am adventurous person , I never shy away from an exciting journey! , so let me tell you, laughing is good for the heart and the mind! I want family, and I want a wife, kids, and family togetherness, that's what is important to me., with me, I go the extra mile to prove my love to my future wife

MY IDEAL PARTNER strong-minded, independent, must be affectionate and loving and adventurous, easy-going personality must always communicate if something is worrying on the mind or something wrong, must not hide any feelings, will stand by her man through the bad and good times, most important we must always make time for each other and family, looking for a serious relationship. if she has kids no problem I love Kids