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Andreas AND9560
56 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Kazzie KAZ5783
57 years
177 cm
80 kg
Faxe / Denmark
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Last update: 2021 september 17.
Read my profile before contacting me - read it thoroughly and read it all !!!


Covid is on the run and there is no restrictions anymore here in Denmark - 80% of the population has got the vaccine so life is on the way back - that is wonderful.

You are welcome to come and live with me if we see us as a good match - I will gladly pay for your ticket to me, but first when you arrive here - I will be sure you are who you say are and what we have agreed about.

My computer is always turned on, so I might not be here - even I stand as online ..


Yes, I've been to your profile to look at you - I have a passion for looking at women and the way they dress - I just love to see if anyone dresses smartly in wonderful dresses or gowns.

My passion for the way women dress comes from my interest in wearing dresses - I'm a transvestite or crossdresser - but not full time - I usually only dress feminine privately or on special occasions. But I love wearing a dress or a skirt - the more feminine it looks, the better I feel.

I am into women, not men - even I love to dress as a woman myself - there is something special about being in a dress or skirt - Just love it.

All the pictures at my profile is me - there is no pictures of another person - both the pictures where I look like a man and also the pictures where I look like a woman - is all pictures of me - this is how I am and that is not going to change.
I am what people call a transvestite or a crossdresser

I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who want a submissive "girl" in life and a equal man in life.
I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who will live and enjoy dressing me as her girl in all the feminine dresses, skirts and gowns we can get - and then have joy in life for us both.

>>> If you contact me, tell me in your first message about your opinion about my addition and what you think about my kinky side of life, otherwise I will only send you a standard comment.

You can also contact me
Marek MAR9859
39 years
177 cm
90 kg
Stettin / Poland
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Roger ROG1606
72 years
163 cm
90 kg
Kortrijk / Belgium
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im honest and looking for the samer
Lew LEW2172
67 years
177 cm
77 kg
Kelowna / Canada
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hi ladies.. nice to meet you ! Maybe we can be friends? i hope you will have success in your search!
Yossi YOS7536
58 years
180 cm
70 kg
Tel Aviv / Israel
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Hi! My name is Yossi.I am the owner of an eCommerce company. I’m someone who loves to follow their heart, though, and isn’t scared to take a chance. For fun, you’ll probably see me hiking, working out, or spending time with my dog at the dog park.
Peter PET7962
45 years
171 cm
62 kg
Council Blu / United States of America
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I am called Simple, maybe i just want to live a simple life style, lol, yea i am easy going, i like the out door for hobbies, i respect people and their opinions, i just want to be loved.
Viktor VIK8046
62 years
195 cm
102 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Accomplished in career & well educated. Loyal and passionate. Seeking honest, intelligent, partner that is attractive without the deception of cosmetics.
Peter PET1831
65 years
179 cm
70 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Sincere and laid back English gentleman, who is intelligent without being boring, fun and caring.
I am slim and tall with longish hair and am fit and active.

I enjoy travel, skiing, walking, art, antiques, architecture, reading, films ....and hope to find a lovely Chinese lady with style and elegance.

Destiny will bring us together and, hopefully, never separate us.
Graham GRA9888
64 years
184 cm
100 kg
Birmingham / United Kingdom
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I live alone in a small town North of Birmingham UK. Work for myself designing and supplying mechanical parts for different applications in various industries, my work is interesting and I enjoy it, maybe enjoy it a little too much and should get out more. My son grown up and currently works with me.My wife and I recently separated after a painful final few months together, so now is my time to move on and explore the world. I have always from a child preferred female friendship as most men (not all) only have three topics of conversation, football, fighting & fxxxxxg! which gets a little tedious after about 5 minutes.At this time do not want marriage but I definitely do not want a string of one night stands as this is emptiness! I miss female companionship and would like to make friends to meet, travel, walk in the park or do whatever we decide to do on a regular or semi-regular basis to suit both persons. I would like to meet mature people who already have a life and would like to add that something extra that I know can add.With a little planning my time is flexible, I am willing to travel or accommodate.If you would like to know more come, meet me and you will find I am a decent honest fun guy.Lastly I do not mind if you already have children but I do NOT want any more children, sorry!
Mario MAR0369
58 years
177 cm
80 kg
Finsterwald / Germany
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I am widowed and have 2 children who are married and live alone. I am looking for an honest woman to live and love.
Jean Paul JEA5851
76 years
167 cm
68 kg
Nice / France
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working in the field of research and curiously romantic! A mix between romantism and pragmatism. Kind, responsible, well educated. Sometimes living in a cloud. Humour and smiling-loughing because it's a good medicine.
Dahai DAH8993
63 years
179 cm
65 kg
Malaysia / Malaysia
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I am a business man. dealing with birdnest. I am active and passionate man seaching for life partner.serious no game
John JOH6356
50 years
173 cm
72 kg
Rockaway / United States of America
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xxxxx is Wo_Jiao_John

I have a love for China and it's culture, traditions, and way of life. I have been told I am an American with a Chinese heart and soul. I have a great career and financially secure. Please have enough English skills to have a conversation and be marriage minded.. be able to video verify too much fraud on the date site.
Mark MAR3090
47 years
185 cm
122 kg
Usa / United States of America
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Hi... so I am a white american, but I like pinay so I posted in manila. a few years ago I had a pinay gf. I bought her an outfit to wear for me (boots,skirt,top) and she said it was unfair she dressed up and I didnt. she had me get an outfit of my own to wear for her, and I kinda liked wearing it for her. unfortunetly she married someone else. I didnt know it was a race to the phils to meet her. she married the first one there. I know I am a little weird. but hoping I might find another woman into this. I only wear in the privacy of my house, never in public and I haven't done anything with a man yet either

Paul PAU9414
50 years
173 cm
63 kg
Tokyo / Japan
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am looking for a nice relationship
Aj AND2923
57 years
181 cm
85 kg
Las Vegas / United States of America
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I am an attractive, honest, intelligent, and sensitive, Gentlemen of color with old fashion values, a good sense of humor sporting a slim athletic physique, and don't be surprised that I possess an inexperienced heart in need of affection. I enjoy staying fit, jazz, quiet dinners, movies, snow skiing, scuba diving, tennis, traveling, and just good old fashion fun!I'm in search of a today’s lady with morals and old fashion values. One that is beautiful inside and out, full of life, a true communicator, full of romance with integrity, charm, and a sense of humor… She must be physically fit and not afraid of new ventures. Am I asking for too much?
Michel MIC5930
56 years
181 cm
90 kg
Gent / Belgium
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I am looking for a great Lady with a loyal and romantic soul and commited - into marriage ... X
Carlos CAR1909
58 years
168 cm
75 kg
Brooklyn / United States of America
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I am seeking marriage to built a family together or we can be family to each other. I am straight forward and don't like to waste time. It does not matter if you are taller than me, a loving heart is what matters not height. I am a Vegan, hopefully, you are of a healthy lifestyle. Good luck to us all.
UJ UJ8886
55 years
170 cm
80 kg
Rheinzabern / Germany
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I just want to fall in love again.....
(at the moment i can not answer... comming soon)

Find me at Insta.... or FB
I am 52 years old