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Artem ART3834
30 years
187 cm
88 kg
Moscow / Russian Federation
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Artist, Heavy RUSSIAN Metal man...
To contact me. All contact information in the questionnaire.
Dahai DAH8993
61 years
179 cm
65 kg
Malaysia / Malaysia
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I am a business man. dealing with birdnest. I am active and passionate man seaching for life partner.serious no game
Arashzx ARA4531
33 years
173 cm
71 kg
Phatthaya / Thailand
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Hi im arashzx real man and true love looking for marrige im boxer and im cook.im funny man never miss with me.but i lose my busines i need your support.if help me im with you for alweys all the time. xxxxx xxxx instagram arashzx bidin
Keung Ge RAN1774
56 years
176 cm
74 kg
Houston / United States of America
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Hi everybody, I am a very nice single Chinese male looking for friendship and a possible lifetime companion. I am sincere, honest, caring, loyal, respectful, sympathetic, funny, passionate, hard working, and enjoy life to the fullest each day.
I have many hobbies and interest such as cooking, travel, and outdoor activities. In my spare time I enjoy working out at the gym, watch dramas, listen to music, and surfing the internet. I'm open minded and with the right person beside me, my possibilities are endless.
I joined this website to try something different from the normal channels of dating.
For whatever reason, fate has put me down this path of single life, but I know that I shouldn't give up so easily.
I have always believed that great relationships start off as friends and progresses further once two people have the right chemistry and understand each other well.
Love comes differently in many ways, sometimes it comes quickly and other times it requires time to nurture and grow.
Money can never buy true love, it is only a tool to survive life, but if you think you know the 5 other things most important in life that money cannot buy, or if you like my thinking, I welcome you to email me. You have QQ?
FOR those people Playing Games or Scamming, don't even bother, I wasn't born yesterday!
I would like to thank everyone that has sent me an email, I do apologize not to be able to respond back to everyone.
Thank you for reading my post :)
Adrian ADR5782
60 years
181 cm
70 kg
Palmerston / New Zealand
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Searching for marriage.
Christophe CHR7370
53 years
181 cm
65 kg
North Carol / United States of America
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I'm a gentle man with big heart and beautiful personality! I'm the caretaker type. When you are on the side of the road with a flat, I'm the guy who stops. When you are coming through the door, I'm the guy who holds it for you and gives you a humble smile and a soft hello. I work hard with my mind and my hands and I am more "in tune" with life than most people. well educated professional man ,am a Cool ,respectful, and comprehensive person.Who really wants to experience love in its full sense.I am very social, an outgoing person. I am well balanced in my life. I am a man of true character who believes in giving everyone a fair chance.
Atsushi ATS5664
70 years
170 cm
68 kg
Fukuoka / Japan
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I'm looking for a reliable person
Peter PET8158
54 years
175 cm
89 kg
Near Frankf / Germany
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Suche eine Frau, die weiß was Sie will, die auch die angenehmen Stunden zu zweit geniessen kann. Have a look at my photos and contact me then if you want. Sometimes i hang out to relax.
Mick MIC6517
68 years
184 cm
80 kg
Adelaide / Australia
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An older very fit and sporting gentleman is looking for an attractive, slim and friendly lady. Interests in travel, music, photography may assist. Important is a strong commitment and the promise of a very vigorous and interesting love life. I have got time to devote to my lady.
Richard RIC8605
71 years
180 cm
90 kg
Brighton / United Kingdom
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Positive, young at heart, gregarious, generous.
Leopoldo LEO2706
50 years
165 cm
85 kg
Vienna / Austria
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I am looking for a gold-hearted, young lady, who is serious about a future together as life long partners. Please do not bother contacting me if you are only after Money, I wont send you any, so move on, please. I wish to take good care of my beloved lady and her child. She should be a cheerful, sweet girl, Serious, Honest, Loyal, Caring, who likes to Laugh and to spend my precious spare time together with me! Only Serious Proposals, please!!!
Pete PET1066
80 years
188 cm
100 kg
Ellensburg / United States of America
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I am a good guy. Faithful, caring, honest, active, well traveled, educated and interested in public affairs, scientific discoveries. The type of woman I would like to meet would be relatively tall, slender, attrctive, educated, smart, good natured, caring and understanding
Elmer ELM3082
59 years
175 cm
70 kg
Taipei / Taiwan
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I am a good loving and caring man,respectful,loyal,romantic,kind,affectionate,hardworking
Gino GIN7388
46 years
178 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt A / Germany
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hi,i am Gino,i am 46 years old italian man-i work and live and Frankfurt/Germany.i work in a big Hospital.i like Sport,travel,restaurant,i search a nice Lady with good Charakter.
Flemming FLE5472
50 years
183 cm
90 kg
Haderslev / Denmark
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I have been in China many times know the culture in China. I am serious in life, looking for the only one in life.

I like to spend time with family my good friends, good conversation, enjoy and appreciate life with common experiences and travel.

I enjoy many outdoor activities when I have my own house just down the beach, the sea and the city where I live in is incredibly beautiful and romantic here, love music culture, sports and nature.

I am happy, sensitive, understanding, romantic, likeable, meet to be honest, eloquent, confident, but not arrogant, focused, faithful, loving, passionate, caring, and responsible .... I want to communicate heart to heart , enjoy life.

About me:
First name: Flemming. • Age: 49. • Figure: 183 cm / 90 kg. • Hair / eyes: Blond / Blue. • Country: Denmark in Europe - City: 6100 Haderslev. • Marital status: Single. Children: None. • Job: electronics engineer. • Foreign languages: Danish, English, German.

John JOH1963
90 years
183 cm
74 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I am Euro born - studied in Prague, lived in Melbourne most of my life. love life, know how to live, Know how to treat a woman, love music, singing, dancing, well-travelled real Scorpio. Well educated, able to debate most subjects, speak a few languages matriculated in Czech, Slovak, Russian, Polish, German, love Dancing, music, signing. drop of red vine. have a nice condo 2 xxxx batr. Gym, Indoor pool. In business imp/export website. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Keeping fit, eating healthy food. Exercise . Looking for a partner Attractive, slim, elegant educated speaking good English one that I would be proud to take anywhere. Also interested in business. Planning to travel to Prague, China, Dubai. The rest is up to you to find out. Could be fun, are you game? One more thing, had an unfortunate experience when the person turned out not to be what she claimed to be and the photo was not recent. So Now I like to meet ASAP , not interested it pen friendships and lonely hearts .Time is the most pressures commodity. We should not be wasting it.cheers John
Wil WIL4148
54 years
184 cm
83 kg
Bad Oeynhau / Germany
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hy at all...
contact me at xxxx then type the ape and then type web then a point and at last the letters for germany like d and e
Paul PAU2308
53 years
185 cm
82 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Easy going, fun to be around. Get along whit every one. Have a great of respect for others wants and needs. Like to spend time in or on the water.
Andreas AND9560
53 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Lew LEW2172
65 years
177 cm
77 kg
Edmonton / Canada
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hi ladies.. nice to meet you ! Maybe we can be friends? i hope you will have success in your search!