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Garret GAR5282
57 years
173 cm
80 kg
Sydney / Australia
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I am NOT interested in Chinese becasue of the danger to travel to China for Australians now and "sha zhu pan"
You need a good command of English . .
I Am interested in marriage create a family and life long support of each other .I want to make kids and I want to make business and I want to make love .
If you are a woman that is minimalistic and minimal foot print and loves nature and a simple life .. then Contact me .
I am well aware of a lot of women's ambitions to make money from men . Or get a visa by pretending to care .
For these type of women I am not your man .. True love and family or bust .
Robert ROB9925
75 years
181 cm
71 kg
Sherbrooke / Canada
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I'm a dreamer, a creative and passionate person, very curious, I am very sensual, It is my senses that serve me to learn and I use them. I can touch everything. I'm renovating my house, I have started to write a book, I like camping, cycling, walking. In fact I love nature, science, new discoveries, I love to learn. I am fond of dogs. I like classical music, jazz, singers, play a little piano and singing is something I love, etc. But I am also messy, working on it. I want to give more space to my emotional life and to my health. I am quite fitted. I hope to find somebody to share lifes.

I'm looking for a person to be with, a person I like to see near me, a person who sleeps next to me, her skin against mine, my arms around her. I'm looking for someone to share feelings and thoughts with, someone to talk to, about our goals and dreams, she has plans to share, together to make them come true. In fact, growing up with me. My ideal partner would like to discover new things, she is curious. She loves the outdoors and nature. She is not aggressive, she loves hugs, she is not afraid of the silence, of hugs. My time will be devoted to her, in fact growing up together. She cares about herself. The desire to meet physically is mandatory as well as patience. Meets with care and tenderness. Prefers a lasting relationship, still with shared feelings, care and tenderness. Not very interested in a one night stand. I wish a good friendship at least.
No photos, no answer. No money in anyway. When COVID will end and be able to travel I will buy a membership from one or a few of the kisses sites and I will be able to write back to you.
Lew LEW2172
68 years
177 cm
77 kg
Kelowna / Canada
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hi ladies.. nice to meet you ! Maybe we can be friends? i hope you will have success in your search!
Adrian ADR5782
63 years
181 cm
70 kg
Palmerston / New Zealand
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Searching for marriage.
Dirk DIR3214
56 years
180 cm
90 kg
Flensburg / Germany
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Suche eine nette ehrliche Frau.
Andreas AND9560
56 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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I am a german engineer , who work and live in china for now.<

i am in
Dotty FRE8338
61 years
170 cm
72 kg
Beirut / Lebanon
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Hi every nice girl and woman . Am gentle , classy , honest and serious single man , from Middel -East country of Lebanon . Seeking to finde and make relationship with real choiced soulmate .Sorry am not a membership upgrade , can't reply. Thanks for visiting my page.
Marcos Antonio MAR0174
48 years
185 cm
75 kg
Matanzas / Cuba
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Soy un simple mortal que desea la felicidad de todo ser humano.Si encuentro mi pareja solo le pediría que fuera sencillamente auténtica
Carson CAR1732
70 years
172 cm
67 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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sought after understanding, trust and love.
Pierre PIE4819
51 years
181 cm
85 kg
Geneva / Switzerland
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Hi ^^,i m working in the Sky enter Europe and Asia mainly and newly to China again ^^
I wish to Love and be Love ...^*
Alfred ALF7671
58 years
171 cm
72 kg
Akron / United States of America
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I am here to meet a mature woman who is ready for a serious relationship
Wil WIL4148
57 years
184 cm
83 kg
Bad Oeynhau / Germany
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hy at all...
contact me at xxxx then type the ape and then type web then a point and at last the letters for germany like d and e
Brent BRE6311
43 years
175 cm
81 kg
Del / United States of America
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I'm happy, thankful, hard working. I'm in real estate and a few other things. I'm looking for my Queen. I need a woman that is supportive, understanding, and loving.
Marek MAR9859
39 years
177 cm
90 kg
Stettin / Poland
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Conrad CON5299
46 years
186 cm
118 kg
Warsaw / Poland
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I am here to meet the woman with whom I will arrange my life anew.
I am looking for a relationship based on honesty, sincerity, love and mutual respect.
I'm not looking for a romance or momentary love because life is too short.
I am looking for a woman over 170 cm tall because I am tall too.
I'm the big guy as pictured.
I'm not rich so we'll work together.
I'm not sending money.
I live in Poland
If in doubt, I will write that I'm looking for a woman
Larry LAR2742
42 years
158 cm
57 kg
Rome / Turkey
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Life is full of opportunities, i only regret the chances i didn't take
Craig CRA5079
65 years
183 cm
77 kg
West Palm B / United States of America
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I am looking for my twin flame...a loving relationship that will stand the test of time with God’s Blessing.I have experienced this once. My fiancée was taken too early by metastatic breast cancer several years ago. I have been alone ever since. It has taken much time for me to heal enough to search for love again.Thank you for your consideration and understanding.
Charlie CHA7984
64 years
170 cm
72 kg
Seoul / South Korea
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Hello. How's there. Nice to see you here. I'm living in Seoul Korea. But I'm going to foreign countries often for the business. I want my partner can speaking English as a good. And good educated. Thanks .
Joseph JOS1998
46 years
176 cm
82 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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Single male from the United States, never married, no kids, and no drama. Looking for a single woman for a long term relationship and more. This person should have current posted photos, nothing more than 6 months old. She should be fun, down to earth, enjoy going out and being spoiled by a total gentleman. I am a hard working man of class seeking a good woman. Responses with no photo will NOT-be acknowledged . Women over the age of 45 and up are my preferred choices, nothing younger. Serious replies only!
Doc DOC2052
75 years
178 cm
80 kg
Boston / United States of America
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Friends would say I am an easy going, laid back person, well educated, a good listener. Like sports, active, good health. Looking for someone simiilar...someone who believes life is too short to waste, and enjoys the simple beauty of nature