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Ludmila, 71 гoд
Ludmila (71)
Elena, 55 лет: Un Hombre Honesto de buenos sentimiento, dispuesto a formalizar una relación estable, que sea serio y sincero,
Elena (55)
Jenny, 68 лет: I am a Pure,Intelligent and Kind Lady; I am traditional,honest, intelligent,happy lady. I have the happy life .
Jenny (68)
Achara, 31 гoд
Achara (31)
Mercedes (60)
Wei, 45 лет: Hi, nice to meet you here. My name is Wei, I am working in a Primary School in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is an international city which is very young with activity. You are welcome to Shenzhen.I love my job and I am responsibility. I am soft outside but tough inside. HahaI divorced for many years, but I never give up " Love " and "Trust". I am waiting for gentleman and we can together build love, support and family.
Wei (45)
(Hongmei), 43 года: 性格开朗,家庭责任感强,有爱心。
(Hongmei) (43)
Wxh, 62 года: Hello dear firend , Hello! My english name is Olivia with the younger heart, I am a enlightened chinese woman in my mind and I am kind and gentle,I was a nurse at traditional chinese medical hospital in Zunyi city of Guizhou province in China。But I have retired now as a free person , have a young heart with a lot of interests。 Liking to take care of healthy body and mind. I’m willing to try new things, and maybe hope to show and teach some new ideas。\'m an honest, self-confident, healthy woman, have a little bit naïve and humorous . I am a single from divorce for 20+ years ago . I am straightforward, respoinsible ,warm -heart and mature woman . .My education is college degree. I like music,poetry, travel and sports such as mountaineering and Yoga . etc.   Looking for someone who is friendly, warm, energetic, caring, a good sense of humour with financially secure . And I hope this one that can understand life well. Then we will lead a happy marriage of life, would you ? I can be teaching you Chinese language if you would like to learn it, do you ? The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. would you ? To me, the most important thing in relationship is mutual understanding. Be happy and have funs. Love your smile ! hope to see your more photos ! Thank you ! Olivia.
Wxh (62)
Wenxiyu, 33 года: <a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("ru",362166)'><i>[Показать личные данные]</i></a>
Wenxiyu (33)
Li, 45 лет
Li (45)
米蘭, 63 года: 有时间我会重新介绍自己
米蘭 (63)
Mei, 29 лет: I think I am a lovely independent and kind girl who is easy to get along with, what I say is not important, the important thing is that you feel what kind of girl I am by knowing me. I hope to find a respectful man with a sense of humor and harmony
Mei (29)
Penzhnenzh, 48 лет: 寻找有缘人
Penzhnenzh (48)
Nancy, 43 года: sincere woman look for a sincere guy for  a long-tern relationship ,marriage. Are you the one I am looking for?
Nancy (43)
Mengjie, 40 лет
Mengjie (40)
Heidi, 59 лет: I refuse to use email and only use chat software, video and voice conversations.   I can video chat and let you see me, I am the same as the photo. Hope you are too. I am from China, I am a Christian.an imperfect single woman, ordinary and ordinary. I\'m quiet and don\'t like arguments and debates. After experiencing the hardships of life, I understand the difficulty of life better, and I also learn to understand and appreciate the other person\'s feelings from the perspective of the other party. I have traditional values, family-oriented, good at taking care of the family and housework, can cook, share a lot of food pictures <a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("ru",403455)'><i>[Показать личные данные]</i></a>  I love planting, the outdoors, nature, photography and writing. Thank God for letting me understand the meaning of marriage in the Bible: marriage is a contractual relationship---serious and beautiful. It only requires you to be a Christian, other houses, deposits do not have any appeal to me, but smoking is not acceptable. I want to face the rest of my life with you and share the simplest happiness in a common life. Cook together and watch movies together. Respect each other and accept each other\'s flaws and imperfections. Be happy, humorous, romantic, be honest and loyal.
Heidi (59)
Juan, 34 года: Ni Hao  , i am a hard working Chinese woman , down to earth , loving and caring , have  big heart of love , single no child , i am very honest and submissive , i want to meet a kindhearted man who is ready for long term relationship with me on true love
Juan (34)
Rongmei, 43 года: i\'m divorced more than 4 years, i have one daughter living together.for now, i seeking a man for serious relationship,to marry.
Rongmei (43)
Holly, 49 лет: 真诚交友,奔结婚去的,非诚勿扰
Holly (49)
Hong, 55 лет: I am a happy natured person who loves good things in life. Very attractive and lovely inside, I love classical music and peaceful and clean home environment.  I am looking for a professional man has minimum first degree in education, age between <a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("ru",107608)'><i>[Показать личные данные]</i></a> as guide line. He should be kind and has good sense of humour, passionate about love to woman. He should be tall and fit has no children from the past and ready to have a good life with the right woman.
Hong (55)
Wangcaixia, 49 лет: 两个人有眼缘,真心,诚实,信任,有担当,有责任心的男士。岁月在流逝,只想找个和我相携一生的伴
Wangcaixia (49)
Trisukhon, 47 лет: I\'m here to looking for a serious relationships who can be my leader of good family. My habits are a straight, funny, honest and friendly person. Please don\'t be shy to talk with me if you need to know me more. Please come into my world. I\'m here for you.
Trisukhon (47)
Qristina, 37 лет
Qristina (37)
Belle, 57 лет: 我选择的对象要求健康的身体 开朗善良 幽默风趣
Belle (57)