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suzhou, 35 ans
suzhou (35)
Justin, 57 ans: Hi am easy going and enjoy life and am willing to show all naked  if your interested in seeing t  line <a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("fr",318372)'><i>[Afficher les données privées]</i></a> oo<a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("fr",318372)'><i>[Afficher les données privées]</i></a>
Justin (57)
Werner, 53 ans: I wish for very sweet, young, pure, virgin girls with dark skin. I\'ve never been married and I don\'t have any kids. I am not a linguist, I only speak and understand German. Do you want to kiss me passionately?
Werner (53)
Philip, 64 ans
Philip (64)
Heiko, 58 ans
Heiko (58)
Agron, 52 ans
Agron (52)
Clarence, 64 ans
Clarence (64)
Antony, 54 ans: I am single. kind honest, sincere, loyal and loving, extremely caring to those closest  to me. I have a good sense of humour and am  capable of not taking myself too seriously.   I never hit women, never cheat or  <a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("fr",263025)'><i>[Afficher les données privées]</i></a> , no false promises, no games, no gambling.   I like Dogs and horses, hate reptiles.   I enjoy Fims and Music: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Folk, etc, Books, Football (soccer), Motorsports, Skiing,  Like cooking, and also dining out with a partner.  I\'m an enthusiastic car and bike owner.   I collect Blu Ray steelbooks, Blu Ray DVD,Laserdisc, CD, Vinyl records, Books, and Cornish dripglaze pottery.  I love to travel when I can, and have abiding interest in Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietmanese cultures in particular.   I hope to find a partner who is intelligent, embodies those good qualities of honesty, loyalty and devotion, and is a beautiful inside as she is out. A good heart is essential  I am afraid I am only a basic member right now and cannot reply to messages.   Thank you for reading my profile, If you have any interest at all or want to know more, please message me and leave contact your details in the text.
Antony (54)
Bobby, 77 ans: Hi Gals Just dropping a short line to say hello and tell you a little about myself. My name is Bobby and I\'m a single caucasian gent who\'s from New York City not married nor has any children.I\'m a young at heart decent looking guy young early seventy\'s if that\'s o k with you and age is just a number it\'s all how you feel inside and stand six feet slim built brown hair &amp; eyes. I\'m a good nature caring person looking for a sweet caring lady to share my life with. I\'m thoughtful trustworthy person who\'s loyal and always a gentleman. I\'m respectful of others open minded with a good sense of humor and my personalty always comes across good with people I meet. I\'m not self centered or over bearing nor a liar and my hand shake and word to people is my bond. I\'m a one woman\'s man who\'s looking for just one sweet lady to share my life with who\'s affectionate caring and loyal to the one I love so please if you like what I wrote send me a message...BOBBY
Bobby (77)
Владимир, 60 ans: Только реальные серьезные отношения, если я вас заинтересовал, то вы можете связаться во мной по ВатсАпп, Вайбер или Телеграмм по номеру плюс семь, девять, один, шесть, четыре, один, ноль, ноль, восемь, четыре, семь. Я не могу Вам ответить потому что не зарегистрирован как голд пользователь.
Владимир (60)
Edson, 58 ans
Edson (58)
Torsten, 44 ans
Torsten (44)
Uwe, 76 ans: Dass Leben bietet so viele neue Möglichkeiten die nur darauf warten genutzt zu werden. Jeden Tag in vollen Zügen zu Leben und zu Lieben. Sich auf das Spannende am neuen Tag freuen und es  bedingungslos  annehmen.  Ich freue mich auf jeden Kontakt und werde Ihn beantworten.  That life offers so many new possibilities only on it waits to be used. Each day in full courses to lives and to love. Are pleased on the tension on the new day and it unconditionally accept.  I am pleased on each contact and him will answer.  事实上,生活提供了许多新的机会只是在等待被利用。  每天都在全面展开的生命和爱。在令人兴奋的期待在新的一天,并无条件地接受它。我期待着任何接触,并会回答。
Uwe (76)
Jörg, 71 ans
Jörg (71)
Arioni, 57 ans: I aks a serious  relationship <a href='javascript:void(0)' onclick='ik_DialogPrivateInfoModel.openDialog("fr",391886)'><i>[Afficher les données privées]</i></a> com
Arioni (57)
Garry, 61 ans: Looking for nice interesting lady for chat and outlook on future prospects.One step at a time
Garry (61)
Thomas, 42 ans
Thomas (42)
Quintus, 60 ans
Quintus (60)
Bill, 63 ans: Fun mature professional guy looking for a long term relationship. looking  for a very playful woman
Bill (63)
Shoiming, 41 ans: I\'m an easy going man with a simple lifestyle. I\'m social, and i can say that am friendly. I\'m looking for a honest and caring partner
Shoiming (41)
David, 67 ans
David (67)
Yufeng, 64 ans: Looking for a sweet and caring lady.
Yufeng (64)
George, 51 ans: Gentle, responsible, well educated, romantic and loving nature. Looking for a nice, caring and tender woman to build a happy family.
George (51)
Michał, 26 ans
Michał (26)